Packers take offensive lineman

In a blatant disregard for federal antitrust laws the NFL started it’s annual player draft yesterday and the Packers selected offensive lineman Derek Sherrod. I hope he likes Green Bay and isn’t asking for the moon because legally he can sign with any team he chooses.

Discuss amongst yourselves…

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  • Larry

    I’m not sure where Al is but I see some wild days ahead between drafting…trading picks and now even trading players and signing FA’s based on the 2010 rules. I think TT may take a dip given the pool of FA talent although not early.

    Goodell’s comment about unscambling the eggs is right on…but all 32 teams, the league, the “union” and the court will sort this out. We’re marching toward the 2011 season..the rest is just details.

    Ps…Cullen Jenkins go to Atlanta as a FA signing…Rocky told me to say BANK ON IT

    • Rick

      OMG no please no Bank on it!!! 🙂

  • CheesyD

    Good, solid pick by Ted Thompson. As Clay Matthews tweeted… “Protect the franchise!”

    Here’s hoping the “union” doesn’t cause irreparable harm to the game we all know and love. I’m afraid player greed is going to be the downfall. Too many lawyers and a judge with a bloated sense of self-importance involved now.

  • Rick

    I think Col Mustard in the Library with the candlestick….

    oops sorry wrong game LOL

    • dave76

      I have no clue what you are talking about Rick, LOL

  • dave76

    I agree with this pick by TT. Our run game needs improving, and that starts with our O-line. Bulaga learned throughout the year and had a solid rookie season. I’m optomistic that Sherrod can go down the same path and make good contributions to the O. With Grant back and Starks for a full season, I think this a great pick for the Pack.

  • PackFanStuckInMN

    Someone keep me honest here. This year’s draft was expressly covered by the expired CBA. The supplmental draft is open to be challenged as well as any subsequent drafts (2012) if they continue without a CBA.

    • Rick

      However we are currently operating as if this 2010. So there is a temporary rule set in place. No Cap ceiling or floor, 6 years for free agency otherwise restricted, BTW remember James Jones got tagged so he is a RFA.

      • Ed Schoenfeld

        They were going tom have the Draft regardless of any temporary rule. The players union specifically agreed to this draft in the 2006 CBA (i.e. there would be one draft subsequent to the Final League Year).

        So the pick in this draft were not in violation of antitrust laws, because the 2006 CBA was negotiated under an exemption to the anti-trust laws granted as a result of the Reggie White lawsuit back in 93 (which is what allowed the ‘salary-cap era’ to begin.)

        As far as other player transactions (trades and free agency), the NFL has not yet issued any guidelines — all they said yesterday was that team facilities had to be open to the players and teams could start scheduling training, OTAs and classroom work.

        I very much doubt that the NFL would announce any player transaction rules (free agency, player trades) until Monday, more likely later in the week.

        First, player transactions at this time would mean the second and third day of the draft would be held under different rules than the first round, which would create a mess for teams (I sure that no free agency figured in Jacksonville’s trade up).

        Second, the NFL made another stay request to the appeals court in St. Louis. The appeals court got that paperwork Thursday at the earliest, and they will take at least a few days to reply on the stay request.

        I know this labor thing is frustrating, and the courts move slowly. All the more reason for fans like us not to go off the deep end with this stuff.

        • Rick

          They already have given guidelines this morning so business would start Monday pending the Appeal to the 8th Circuit Court in St Louis.

  • Larry

    Rick LOL…Its always the butler!

  • roy jamison

    TT is making a great habit of getting quality players that drop in the draft with Rodgers, Buluga and now Sherrod. You have to ponder the Vikqueens pick.

    • Ed Schoenfeld
      • Ed Schoenfeld


    • Rick


  • Packer’s Advocate

    I see the Saint’s won’t have a 1st rounder next year either. Maybe teams can start doing the draft the same way our government runs. Trade the 2012’s, 2013’s, etc. for players now and when getting to those years, if there’s a player they want , just trade some more future picks.

  • Dan

    Is the plan for Sherrod to be the backup LT?
    Or is the goal to eventually move Bulaga to LT and put Sherrod at RT?

    Also, does this indicate T.J. Lang should start looking for another address?

    • How about the address of left guard.

  • iccyfan

    LarryTex says: “Yeah, and when the run game doesn’t go anywhere, again, it will be Campen’s fault. Strictly a need pick; how can the 6th rated tackle (generous) or 8th, 9th rated OL be BPA at #32? Point is, I was looking for more immediate impact at that pick”

    And who, pray tell, might have provided that immediate impact? Word is the staff is high on Eric Walden, making Ayers or Reed unlikely to start opposite Matthews. Twelve defensive linemen went in the first – surely you didn’t want the 13th best. No CB on the board would have supplanted our top three. No WR on the board would have taken time from our present top three (plus it looks like Jones will be back, whether he likes it or not). We sure as heck don’t need any more inside LB’s! Who’d you want?

    You’re a tough one to figure, LT. Historically, you’re been a big supporter of TT’s methods, namely always keeping an eye on the future. Why the change of heart?

    • Well, iccy, to be honest there wasn’t anybody I, personally, wanted so thought the trade down to be a better move. The fact that nobody wanted him either (at that spot, or somebody would have made the move with us) convinced me at the time. However, I’ve read an awfully lot today that would lead me to believe that TT snookered us (at least me) again and went need-need- need with the first three picks. I’ll admit I feel a hell of a lot better now than I did 24 hrs ago. Don’t worry, I’m still infatuated with TT if only because “love” is a little strong. Chuckle. I’m pretty impressed with his record (Sherrod) the last two years given the guys he went up against. The pick looks a lot better the more I hear. Much more pleased with TT’s second and third picks, especially with the JJ and Bjax contract situations……..!

  • Mel E Mel

    Sherrod was the best linemen available put on the tape he outplayed DE Marcell Dareus the #3 player on the board. He is the LT of the future. His feet are 20 times better than Bulaga. Sherrod hasnt given up a sack in 2yrs. We need to match the arms race by the usurpers in Detroit. Campen has 2 1st round Tackles to work with if there is any slippage on the Oline bag him, midseason if neccessary.

  • Rick


    No football and no beginning of season. Draft and no contact rules after draft press conference allowed.

  • ScottS

    What about undrafted free agents? Are teams allowed to poursue them after the draft or are they off limits?

    • Rick

      Off limits

  • ScottS


    • Rick

      Off Limits, pursue not allowed

  • iccyfan

    I love the Randall Cobb selection as well. IMMEDIATE IMPACT on punt returns and future replacement for Donald Driver in the slot. The statistic that turned me from other WR’s (Hankerson, etc.) to Cobb was the following. For his entire career, A.J. Green threw five blocks that sprang RB’s for a TD run; Cobb threw ten such blocks in the 2010 season!!!

    • With some run and return ability Cobb can be our Harvin. The other thing is taking the HI running back means there isn’t enough room for him and Kuhn. A lot of NFL level players are going to have to be cut or traded.

      • Rick

        Love the pick he is #89 on the big board and will be the fastest RB with this size at GB in a long time. I am unsure of Blitz pick ups but he was fast and a bad mamba jamma on the big island, He showed great things like soft hands receiving but it was WAC competition. He has MANY fumblitis footage. So ball safety will have to beaten into him.

        Grant better be healthy.

        RB Grant / Starks / Jackson / Green / Nance

        FB Hall (if resigned) / Kuhn (if resigned) / Johnson

      • iccyfan

        I’ve read the Harvin comparison other places as well but Cobb doesn’t have Harvin-like speed. A better comparison has been suggested as Hines Ward, former QB at UGA who’s known to throw a block or two downfield. I HATE Hines Ward the Steeler but I’m sure I’d love “his game” if he was a Packer.

        I wonder if MM will use Cobb as a holder on FG / EP attempts? Could lead to some interesting subterfuge…

  • iccyfan

    I just read an article which I tried to cut and past, but couldn’t because it was copyrighted! Anyway, it was from January and discussed Alex Green’s trepidation about going from Butte JC to Hawaii. He was used to getting 20+ carries per game but got no D1 offers except from the flukey passing team. He called it a blessing in disguise as he always has a chip on his shoulder and it “made him a more complete player because he had to be aware of blitz pickup”. Other than the fumbling issue (1 in every 34 carries), this looks like a marriage made in heaven in terms of the Packers finding a third down back to possibly replace Brandon Jackson.

    • He might be more than a third down back because he seems perfect to exploit seams created by a dominant pass game, due to his speed and size vs. smaller DB’s. Of course if he fumbles he’ll never see the field. Looking forward to defensive players today.

      • iccyfan

        100% agree.

        I’m thinking in terms of third-down back because:
        a) First thing the “heads” said on ESPN was “catches like a WR”;
        b) All ESPN clips showed him running traps from passing formation;
        c) Green’s quotes about pass blocking and blitz pickups;

        He certainly appears to have what it takes to be an every-down back (size & speed wise) but definitely has that specialized skill set to be the third-down guy.

  • iccyfan

    Is it just because I’m tuned into the NFC moreso than the AFC, or are NFC teams just kicking the crap out of this draft? I like what the Packers have done so far, but the Saints, Lions, Bucs, Bears, Giants and Falcons have all fared well too! The poor teams from the NFC West, along with the Panthers & Vikings, are gonna get whaled on for a couple years!

    • If the fumble problem is real we have a solution w/Bennett. Didn’t he straighten out Green?

      • Rick

        Yes, no rubber sleave on Ahmen’s upper arm. He liked how it felt but he always seemed to let the ball’s point slip.

      • LT, you may be right about Bennet. Grant and the other backs have been excellent at ball security.