Packers Draft Picks Video Roundup Rounds 1-3

by Kevin Roth

Derek Sherrod – OT

First impressions: Big athletic dude, long arms.  Smart guy.

Who goes? Perhaps Bulaga will stay at RT and Sherrod moves in at left once Clifton hangs it up.  Hopefully Lang can take over for Colledge if he goes, but I actually hope Colledge stays – he was better than people gave him credit for in 2010.  Sherrod may not start until 2012.

Randall Cobb – WR

First impressions: Great athlete – reminds me of Percy Harvin.  Really fast and has some great moves.  Almost seems more of a running back than a receiver.  Was the featured back in a Wildcat system.  Runs back punts and kickoffs for touchdowns.  Holds for place kicks.  Another smart guy.

Who Goes? James Jones, Brett Swain, or special teams player.

Alexander Green – RB

First impressions: Green reminds me of Najeh Davenport, Not the fastest guy, but a big dude that stays on his feet.  Has some good moves, too.

Who goes? I think Dimitri Nance is the easy answer.  Perhaps Brandon Jackson if Green proves to be he can be a 3rd-down back.

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  • Rick

    Sherrod will get a year to train and fill out to an NFL Level unless injuries press him into service. ALL GB O line cross train more so then other team( injuries have kind of forced GB to do so) Bulaga is a solid RT and both will get time to play LT and RT.

    Cobb is a versatile athlete but not Harvin. No where near that fast. He adds a lot of tools though and to however mentioned him holding on ST and the fun wrinkles from that, you sir may be correct.

    Green is not Davenport. Davenport ran a 4.6 this guy runs a 4.4. Davenport is 265 this guy is not quite that large. But Green is a big body with nimble feet. He is intriguing becasue he ran well in a pass happy offense by finding a crease and having speed to get through it. Now that was at a college level but it is a solid pick to see what we have. He actually reminds me of Grant when he was drafted by the Giants. Soft hands, quick feet.

  • Servius

    You guys will have to follow DJ Williams Twitter feed.!/dj45williams

    • Rick

      Give me highlights

  • Rick

    Day 3 so far……

    Davon House CB- Good press corner, equals out to what Pat Lee projected to and we get him in the 4th. Good solid pick and he was ranked a little higher than our pick on my big board so nice value.

    DJ Willimas- 5th round pick TE. His story of abuse as a child came out pre draft. Quality young man. May have a tough time making team but has heart and is a very good pick for this late in the draft. A little shorter then GB likes normally but catches and blocks well. If Quarless does not show improvement in catching in the end zone this kid could take his job.

    Caleb Schlauderaff- 6th round. A Ute Guard prospect, depth pick like TT did with Newhouse last year. Solid pick and pretty much dead on to where he was on the big board. Good depth pick. My gut says practice squad this year but he will get a chance if there is Training Camp.

    DJ Smith- 6th round. Must have wrote down wrong player this is pick #186 and I have this guy in the 350s on my big board. Must have dirty pictures of TT 🙂
    Undersized Applachian State OLB. The only thing I can think of is the see something of a SS position change (think Palamaluish) for him because he is very iffy in coverage but hits and tackles well.

    Ricky Elmore- 6th round from Arizona. looks like a 4-3 DE at 6’5″ and 255. He is like a 3″ taller AJ Hawk. Always played DE in college, I don’t see an OLB position change. A little confused but he was a value pick as well at #197 and I had him at #192.

    7th round coming up….