I’m back, baby!

Well, well, well, the players finally decided to play. We have football and it’s going to be fast and furious! The whole offseason wrapped into one month, the only thing missing is the draft. Let’s get down to business.

We all know the Packers won’t do much in free agency, the only guy I would like is the guy everybody wants – Nnamdi Asomugha, but that would have to mean Charles Woodson moves to safety, something he might not be willing to do just yet.

Granted, I didn’t read one thing football-related the last 132 days so I’m sure there are guys out there that can help the Packers. I think they will need some guys just to replace the losses they suffer. As Super Bowl champions you can bet there will some added attention to even the lower tier free agents like John Kuhn.

It’s going to be a madhouse for the next two weeks. Everybody’s had plenty of time to study these players, so teams probably have targets in mind and will be ready to strike right away. The Packers will likely let the dust settle and try to pick up some “value picks” as they say on draft day.

It will probably take me a few days to get up to speed, but I’m happy to be back talking football.

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  • Yeah, Al! Glad you’re back!

  • Let’s get this thing going! Repeat, baby!

  • Mel E Mel

    Baltimore, just dumped their #1 Derrick Mason, #2 Heap and a 3.5 million dollar NT. Its obvious they are going after Nnamdi. That move would push them past Pittsburgh IMO. Even if they do nothing else. As long as Nnamdi stays in the AFC I am happy. I really only see Philly as real competition in the NFC. The Bears still suck, and Atlanta, NO are paper tigers.
    Last year the Packers handled a lot of old business in the playoffs. Michael Vick got his for beating us at Lambeau. Atlanta got their for theirs for their part in the crime. Chicago got the whole Ditka era shoved down their throat. (Thank You BJ Raji!) NO embarrassed the Pack on Monday night 3 years ago. I am sure Charles Woodson, Aaron Rodgers and co remember.
    Go Pack.

    • My thoughts are the same on all points, Mel.

  • Steve Cheez

    Good to have you back, and good to have something real to talk about again.

  • Does Nick Barnett get traded today? Or does he get released on Thursday? I don’t expect Thompson to sign anybody today or for the rest of the week as far as free agency goes. I am more curious to see what undrafted players he picks up. Tolzien? Maybe another cornerback? Does Crosby, James Jones, Kuhn, etc get signed?

  • Glad to have you back Al. Thanks again for hosting the site. Looks like TT jumped on the UFA’s even faster than he does after the draft.

  • Rick

    Good to have you back Al.

  • dave76

    Now I,m excited for football again. Good to hear from you again Al. Rick, if you aren’t a sports writer somewhere already, you should be. Your articles were very well done, good job!

    Lots of Packer player moves and FA activity to watch now, can’t wait to see what TT and MM line up for the rest of the NFL to try to stop or breakdown.

    A healthy Packer team this year is simply bad news for the rest of the NFL. GO PACK!!!

  • Rick

    Just got a tweet about 45 mintues ago from Barnett saying he spoke with TT and thanked the fans and the team for a great 8 years and that Green bay will always have a special place in his heart.

    Sounds like he is cut or geting traded.

    • Rick

      I meant 4-5 mintues ago, typo stikes again

      • Rick

        minutes………. edit button needed 🙂

  • Rick

    Camp bodies being brought in…. check.

    Other then the Center Sampson Genus I am not sure if any of these guys are more than that.

    Genus is a strong practice squad develpomental player. I like this guy alot. The Packers are a great place for him to try and make it in the NFL.

    • iccyfan

      Some people are excited about Tori Gurley; no drops last season and he’s 6’4 / 220 lbs / 4.51 forty. He doesn’t have a very impressive stat line. I’m no scout but I saw South Carolina play a couple times last season and their QB play left much to be desired. Stephen Garcia looks the part of a big-time QB but made some poor decisions in critical times. Maybe that and the presence of another big-time WR opposite explains the lack of stats…

      • Rick

        and he has longer arms than avarage too.

        Seriously he is big and has shown good hands but watching tape he is at best an adequete route runner and does not seems to handle getting jammed very well on the line. Think of him as a skinny TE more than a WR.

        I am not sure if he will practice squad, Chastin West is some stiff competition there. If he coaches up well then he can be a hybrid WR/TE for red zones. His COD is good at almost 0.25.

    • Rick

      Correction. I misread a player.

      Safety Anthony Bratton from Delaware might make the practice squad and maybe just maybe the 53 roster ala Peprah.

      He runs a 4.5 40yrd and a 4.1 shuttle with a Change of Direction of 0.4
      He is one of the few players undrafted with hips as fluid as Woodson or Revis. He may not cover well but he if he will play ST like Peprah did he will be a solid player in a year or two for the Packers.

  • Mel e Mel

    Gurley at South Carolina was a victim of circumstances. Opposite him at WR was all world and future 1st Round draft choice Alshon Jeffrey. Stephen Garcia is very average. Gurley has a chance.

    • Rick

      Not saying he doesn’t. If he was amazing he would have been drafted, he has worts if you know what I mean. He is a skinny TE playing WR. With his size and hands he could be a great. I am not saying he is poop I am saying he is a solid camp body. If he can excel and accomplish on ST he might make the team, might.

  • roy jamison

    With Barnett’s contract, I’d think the chances of trading him are zilch, unless he agrees to a huge paycut. So, looks like a release will be coming soon.

  • Larry

    Interesting comment from Rodgers that James Jones should be priority 1 for resigning…I keep pounding out the eventual 53 and the number of WO’s and TE’s force some tough decisions elsewhere. I like DD more than JJ but really only see him in GB another year (if that) if TT follows his trend. Given that premise, maybe JJ is resigned and DD is let go.

    Cobb has the quick twitch Driver is known for and Finley if healthy is going to catch nearly as many passes as Jennings…perhaps the “one year early versus one year late” cut philosophy will decide the WO’s fate.

    In the end TT has always let youth prevail…we’ll see.

    • Completely agree. #12 has been throwing to Jones for 4 years and if he likes him so do I. Driver has definitely fallen off.

    • iccyfan

      I think we, as Packer fans, are probably over-valuing James Jones. Peter King has him as the #48 Free Agent in terms of priority. It could happen that JJ doesn’t receive that big-time offer and the Packers can resign him to a contract that works for all. James doesn’t get to set up his extended family for life in one fell swoop, but he gets paid more than most of us can imagine to play a kid’s game.

      Also, I really don’t see it as Jones versus Driver. At this point, DD is only a slot receiver and JJ is an outside wide-out. I think TT’s decision is probably more of a Jones vs. Nelson if he’s looking to the future. I kinda wish DD had retired after getting his ring; he’s making too much money for the role he now plays but it’d be a PR nightmare to cut him. It’d be nice to see DD offer to renegotiate his contract (ala Mark Sanchez) to free up some $, but that’s doubtful.

      In conclusion, I’d like to see JJ back with the Packers, but he’s more of a luxury than a necessity. His potential to do us harm is concerning, particularly if he’d end up with a division rival.

      • Iccy, everyone likes Driver but his salary is too high and I don’t think the pr would be that bad. TT won’t overpay for Jones but he’s willing to pay for someone he wants. I think the Crosby’s shows that and sends the message that TT isn’t going to let young talent go.

        • iccyfan

          At an average of almost $3M / Year, I’d say TT overpaid for Mason Crosby! We coulda brought back Dave Rayner at veterans minimum and used some of that extra cash on JJ! I don’t hate Crosby but what has he ever done to be paid in the upper echelon of kickers? He’s no Janikowski!!!

          • Rick

            $3 million Guaranteed with pro bowl incentives. It actually is closr to a real $2.2 Million for a long ball kick off kicker that has had up and down field goal percentages. A little over paid, perhaps but with the new kick off rules I want a long ball kicker.

      • Iccy the money is all different now. TT did the right thing. With only $3 million guarenteed Crosby is going to have to earn his money. But I know what you mean.

  • Mel e Mel

    What we think about JJones is academic. Rodgers says he should be the #1 priority. I was on the fence with JJ but now have to with Aaron.