Packers’ shareholders integral part of team’s history

As is usual this time of year the Green Bay Packers hold their annual shareholders meeting, but unlike most business meetings this one is open to 112,000 shareholders and usually attracts 10-15,000 or so of them to Lambeau Field. Along with them they bring the snickers of fans of other teams who like to say the shareholders own nothing so they shouldn’t be acting like they do. I beg to differ.

My one share of Green Bay Packers’ stock entitles me to a piece of history of the greatest franchise in pro sports. Without the shareholders contributions in the 20s, 30s, 50s, and lastly in 1997, the Packers simply would not be celebrating their 13th NFL Championship this year. The first three stock sales kept the team afloat and the last one helped renovate Lambeau Field, simply the finest football experience in the world.

And while the stock does not pay dividends the shareholders do have a say in who is elected to the board of directors, who hires the president, who hires the general manager, who hires the coach. We also have Lambeau Field to ourselves once a year to do with as we see fit. One year we might tour the locker room, the next the press box and club seats, maybe the Hall of Fame the next. We are treated like kings for a day.

Other fans laugh at us and that is fine, their team is highly unlikely to ever catch the Packers in NFL championships and winning breeds jealousy. They would laugh even harder if their team came to them asking for a cash contribution to help them through rough times. But that is exactly what the Packers’ shareholders did, stepped up and kept the small town team alive in a big town league.

When you look at the situation in Minnesota where the Vikings can’t even get a new stadium built you have to laugh. But they’ll say they are the greatest fans in the world? Yeah right! Just don’t ask them to prove it with their wallets, I guess. The Packers’ fans do just that, and not just the shareholders either. The Packers were number one in merchandise sales last year and that is without the Super Bowl boost they are sure to get this year.

The future of my stock in Green Bay Packers, Inc. is bright, both on and off the field – thanks to the fans who support them through thick and thin and put their money where their mouth is when called upon. The Packers are back on top of the football world and it’s because we are all in this together, coaches, players, executives and fans. One!

There is plenty of room on the bandwagon, so when you haters get tired of losing, jump on.


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  • The owners of the Packers care about having pro football in Green Bay. The rest of the league is a mixed bag. I’ll take our deal over owners that blackmail cities, move teams and interfere with football operations where they have no competance. My biggest complaint with our management was their trying to combine the job of GM with head coach. I hope those days are over.

  • Great article. Too bad those buffoons Bill and Rookie on WDUZ think otherwise.

  • Rick

    Congrats to MM and his wife on the birth of their little girl Isabella Conroy McCarthy.

    Congrats to the Packers and their shareholders, true fans supporting the team they love and the team they love loving them back by including them in the decision of the Board Members.

    I am ignoring “Buffoon” and the “Reject”, like a troll just stop paying attention and feeding them.

  • Rick

    Uggghh. Jenkins to Eagles. They are loaded for Bear now.

    • iccyfan

      And the Bears fire back by signing former Texan’s DT Okoye, along with Marion the Barbarian…

      At least Michael Jenkins to the Vikings all but elimates James Jones going there. If the Packers don’t bring him back into the fold, at least I won’t have to watch him wear purple…

  • I only hope the Eagles overpaid for Jenkins who’s been hurt half the time he was with us. How do they have so much money after Vick, Asomugha, Babin, V, Young, DeSean Jackson, etc.?

  • Larry

    I’m at a loss…according to the article…the Eagles could cut Jenkins after 1 year and have only paid him $4M. I would have thought he’d have gotten $6/7/8M up front with a 2 to 3M salary. TT must be sure Neal/Wilson/Wynn/Guy and any other DE can fill the void.

    Philly has certainly tried to “fix” the D. I’m not of the opinion that Vick is an elite QB…although he played better last year than Atlanta. We’ll see!

    2011 is the ultimate test as to whether SB’s can be bought in advance!!!

    • Larry, Vick might not be an elite QB but of all the QB’s we played last year he gave us the most trouble.

    • iccyfan

      If the reports are correct, the Eagles got Cullen Jenkins inked to a very reasonable deal. That’s extremely disappointing; if he was to leave Green Bay, I wanted him to get a monster deal (helps with the compensatory pick we might hope to receive)…

  • Mel e Mel

    I like the fact that the Eagles are going all in. THey still have massive holes at LB and Safety. Jenkins playing 16 games is a fantasy. Their Offense is still one dimensional and their Oline is still poor. I see a defense vulnerable over the middle, and a Healthy.

  • Larry

    Philly O line does need work but if they keep the 3 corners they have look for then to play a ton of nickel with a LB coming off the field anyway. Vegas gives then the #2 seed in the NFC for a reason.

    3 good cover corners, Jenkins off the edge…reminds me of GB.

    I’m really looking forward to Finley clearing out the middle and Driver or Cobb from the slot going the distance.

  • Good news on Jones. The only miss is Jenkins. I know it’s rediculous but I’d love to see us pickup a DE. TT pulled Grant out of nowhere when we needed a RB and Howard Green at DT last year. Maybe something can be done. There are a lot of moving parts out there.

  • Mel e Mel

    Another d lineman has to come from somewhere. I would take a long look at TY Warren from NE. He knows what it takes to win

  • Mel E Mel

    I am looking forward to the battle for the backup TE spot. Quarless was given the job but he will have to earn it this time. Its a shame but in a normal year Cobb would have a chance to earn his spot as a WR, injuries are the only way he makes it now.

    The bears look like the Hindenberg, letting Olsen go for nothing and showing Kruetz the door. Signing Dallas WRs Roy Williams and Sam Hurd. Olsen was the only consistent threat downfield.
    The last time we saw Philadelphia a rookie RB (James Starks) was cutting them to shreds in the playoffs. Jason Babin (undersized lineman) opposite Trent Cole (undersized lineman) now they have Cullen Jenkins (oft injured lineman) I yawn at the Eagles remember Vick has never gone wire to wire as a QB.

    • Mel, sorry to say he beat us 27-7 in our first home playoff loss. Of course, if their O-line doesn’t improve he won’t get a chance for a repeat. I agree that running the ball vs the Eagles is the way to beat them. So give credit to the coaching staff for exploiting that weakness. I’m expecting an even better run game this year.

  • Larry

    Hard to understand the Buffalo Bills…they let a younger LB go (Pozludsky) who has some injury history and sign an older LB (Barnett) who has some injury history.

    I see bloggers are wanting another DT/DE signed to add to the mix…I really like 7th rounder Guy. He’s bigger the Cullen Jenkins and has that motor we covet. The wild card of course is what the NFL and GB does with Johnny Jolly. Anyone heard anything on this?

    Think…Neal, Jolly, Wilson…Raji/Green/Pickett….Pickett/Wilson/Guy……7 big bodies with 4 able to play nose (Raji/Green/Pickett and Jolly) and 5 able to play tackle (Jolly/Wilson/Pickett/Guy/Neal)

    • Rick

      Jolly is indefinately suspended. He is out a year (2nd offense)or lifetime (3rd offense)depending on what happens with “lockout” issues and how the commish will handle them. Either way he is done in Green Bay. What a waste…..

      • Rick

        If I am correct he(Jolly) even lost out on a Super Bowl ring because he was on suspension and not part of the team.

  • Larry

    I find it odd that felons get back into the league and Jolly who served one full year of suspension and reapplied can’t get back in. His first charge resulted in probation and community service and his second was dropped. I don’t want him dating my daughter but he deserves the second chance or third that Vick, Burress, Pacman, Collins and various other DWI, pot smoking players seem to get.

    Frankly shooting oneself in a crowded nightclub seems a bit more serious to me than brandishing cough syrup and let’s not ask the ASPCA for an opinion.

    As to his future with the Packers…let him go to camp and trade him to the first team with a preseason casualty at tackle.

    I don’t think he got a ring either and he shouldn’t…but he should get a chance, IMO

    • Rick

      The commish said he would be out the year and could reapply if in no further trouble. He was in trouble. Not found guilty but plead out like he did last year, so he gets in trouble for the same stupid thing. The NFL is not going to tolerate repeat offenders, convicted or not it hurts the league image.

      200 players can do the most amazing things and one juicy story ruins it.

  • Rick

    Belichek is zagging while everyone is zigging. With Wilfork playying the 1 and Haynesworth the 3 they have a perfect 4-3 DTackle front. I bet he is shifting to a 4-3 base front to be different now that everyone is mainly a 3-4 defense now. He got amazing talent for dirt cheap picks.

  • Larry

    You have to be willing to take on a little trouble, knowing that your locker room has the ability to rectify the situation. Moss eventually got himself traded but not before he caught 30+ touchdowns and upped his value for NE. Corey Dillon was another great value.

    Belichek is aggressive in his playcalling AND teambuilding!

  • Mel e Mel

    Larry (BBelicheck) he has not won another ring since his telephoto lenses were taken away. 1 and done in the playoffs last 2 years. He is good I really wonder about Bellicheat. As for Johnny Jolly he should wait for the UFL to start back up.

    • Rick

      He has been in almost every playoffs for 10 years and made it to the SuperBowl and won how many of those SuperBowls?? Got get in it to win it.

      I think the Eagles from a SuperBowl perspective have been the biggest let down by getting to how many NFC championship games and laying an egg?

      I don’t like Billicheat but I sure as heck respect him. He is a great strategist and not to bad at all at tactics. That said I will be very interested in the wrinkles the nickle base 4-3 defense NE can run now when the Jets have no game tape of it.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Wow…………… In one week the Pack fell to 4th in the NFC. Eagles ,Falcons, Saints and the Pack. Just surprised that Philly got most of those guys signed w/o any signing bonus. What’s wrong w/that picture or their agents????

    Unrelated, but I’d like to see a 1″ foam shell added to the outside of AR’s helmet. I think that little addition would cure most of the concussions in the NFL but that wouldn’t be pretty like those nice shiny helmets. How far the NFL will go for the players’ safety has a limit.

  • Larry

    Mel, if you take such a myopic view then 31 coaches and GM’s should be fired each year for not producing the SB winner. Programs are built around getting a core group of talent and adding pieces to put them over the top. NE has been on the cusp every year for a decade. Same for Philly and Indy. GB looks to be. These teams don’t win every year but their GM and coaches stay in place because every year they’re in the hunt.

    Just because the Lombardi doesn’t permanently reside in Foxboro or Green Bay doesn’t mean you stink at what you do. Belicheck will someday be in the HOF and like everyone enshrined he didn’t win the championship every year.

    I don’t like the Pats but I respect the team…

    • Rick


  • Larry

    Well yeah!