2011 Packers Game Blackouts in the Twin Cities Metro

2011 Green Bay Packers Game Blackouts in the Twin Cities Metro / Western Wisconsin Regions

Per NFL rules, no game can be aired at the same time the home team is playing at home on another network.

The below is a listing of all Green Bay Packers games that will be blacked out in the Twin Cities metro / Western Wisconsin in 2011 per this rule.

Week 2: Sun, Sept 18 @ Carolina Panthers 12:00 pm on FOX [Vikings @ noon on FOX, at home]

Week 3 (maybe): Sun, Sept 25 @ Chicago Bears 3:15 pm on FOX [Vikings @ noon on FOX, at home] (explanation below)

Week 11: Sun, Nov 20 vs. Tampa Bay Bucaneers 12:00 pm on FOX [Vikings @ noon on CBS, at home]

Week 13: Sun, Dec 4 @ New York Giants 3:15 pm on FOX [Vikings @ 3:05 on CBS, at home] (Vikings game moved to 12:00 pm)

Week 15: Sun, Dec 18 @ Kansas City Chiefs 12:00 pm FOX [Vikings @ noon on FOX, at home]

Week 17: Sun, Jan 1 vs. Detroit Lions 12:00 pm FOX [Vikings @ noon on FOX]

This year I’d strongly recommend to watch the games online via NFL Game Rewind.  I can’t tell if we’ll be able to see games live online this year or not, but you could with the preseason games so I’d assume that will also be the case with regular season games.  I bought the preseason pass and it was the best $20 (for all preason games) I ever spent on entertainment.

Good luck Twin Cities Packer fans, and GO PACK!


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  • James H

    I am a Vikings fan but I am willing to help you out anyway. Packer fans WILL be able to see the Week 3 matchup @ Chicago because it is a Fox Doubleheader week. When loooking at the late game schedule, if it says 3:15 it is on the Doubleheader network, if it says 3:05 it is NOT on the Doubleheader network. Remember back in 2008 when the Packers had a 12:00 game @ Jacksonville & the Vikings had a late game @ Arizona that same day, the Vikings game aired at 3:05 but the Packers game did not because that was a CBS Doubleheader week. Only 1 network can air a doubleheader each week with the exception of the Week 17 Double-Doubleheader. http://the506.com/nflmaps/ is a website that can really help out too.

    • Well I am thoroughly confused by your explanation, but I’ll take your word for it. That’s good news. Thanks 🙂

      • James H

        No problem. Hopefully the website (not my website but it’s what I like to use) will help you out as well. Looks like your game 12/11 vs. Oakland will be on WCCO as well with the Vikings being on the road & CBS has the Doubleheader. If it was a single game week for CBS, they would not allow WCCO to air a game in the same time-slot as the Vikings. Even though it’s technically not against NFL rules to do so, it’s still standard practice.

  • James H

    With the Vikings-Broncos game moved to 12:00, Packer fans will be able to see the Week 13 game against the Giants. Fox does have the Doubleheader that week.

    • Thanks James. You’ll notice I’ve already updated the article text to reflect the flexed game.