Time To Trade Jordy Nelson?

From Larry R in Combined Locks, WI

Clearly we have too many quality receivers and tight ends masquerading as receivers.  Either we cut people that will quickly start for some other team or we can trade someone with recognized skills.  Jennings and Driver are probably un-tradable (for different reasons).  James Jones just tested the market and didn’t really get any takers.  The only other players that might have some trade value would be Jordy Nelson.  Of the Tight Ends, we might get something for Quarless or Crabtree simply because they were players in the Superbowl.

What could we get for:

Crabtree  – Probably no better than a fourth rounder….maybe an upgrade based on performance
Quarless – Probably no better than a fifth rounder.  Blocking tight ends just don’t get any respect.
Nelson – Third rounder with an upgrade to a second rounder based on performance this season.

Could we trade all three without damaging our Superbowl chances?  Based on the rookies and free agent performances, we probably could.

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  • Reid

    So we trade Nelson for a 3rd, maybe 2nd rounder and we drafted him as a 2nd rounder? Seems like we’re trading a known quantity for an unknown quantity at the same draft level. I wouldn’t do this. 2 pre-season games left and a lot of practices…..could be injuries where we need these guys as depth.

  • Doug R

    There aren’t too many guys with playoff and superbowl experience. I would rather take the experience and a known quantity over the next few years (Rodgers’ prime) than rookies with potential or draft picks. When the real season comes and especially if we make playoffs, we will be glad we have seasoned veterans. If we were in rebuilding mode and needed to build other parts of the team, I might agree, but not right now.

  • Rick

    Nice idea for after the season ends but right now every team will just what for cut downs and grab players.

  • iccyfan

    This reminds me of the “think with your dipstick, Jimmy” commercials for Castrol Edge, in that I’d like to whack you across the hindquarters for even thinking of this! If last season taught us anything, you can’t have too much of a good thing! My son came home with the Sports Illustrated Fantasy Football issue the other day and they have Jordy Nelson rated as their #4 break-out player of the year; you want to trade him now for a third-round pick! Damn, if you want to keep one of the youngsters (probably Gurley), force the Donald into an early retirement! I despise Cris Carter, but C’MON MAN!!!

  • Definitely trade excess TE’s and RB’s or let them go for nothing.

  • Steve

    You never know, this might be DD’s last year playing (I truly doubt it) then we will not have a good replacement for his position. Just because we drafted someone doesn’t mean we HAVE to keep them on the 53. They can occupy a spot on the practice squad or simple be cut. TT has put this team in a very unique position with having such talented depth at WR. Everyone should have realized that the newer WRs will have to fight for a spot on the 53.

  • Mel e Mel

    Mark I am with you. TE is where the cuts will be made. People are speculating that Quinn Johnson would be cut, I dont see that. Quarless, DJ Williams and Havner are fighting for 2 spots IMO. They already cut Havner last year, so now with better competition he is a goner. Quarless should be thankful that Finley is a FA, otherwise he may be a goner as well.

  • Tom

    4th rounder for Crabtree i don’t think so. We would be lucky to get a 6th and I don’t think most teams would pay that much for him. He’s a great blocker but he’s not going to start for any teams in the NFL. Don’t trade Nelson if Driver has the same type of year as
    Last he’s not going to be starting for the pack much longer. Nelson should be the second receiver already this year.

  • chris

    Silly post to say the least…. think swe’ll get too high a vaue/pick for those mediocre TE’s and too little for Jordy…

    Didn’t think that out too much!

  • @dev_eq



  • Jeremy

    Crabtree is the blocking TE not Quarless.

    I really doubt that the value of these players to another team exceeds the value they have to the packers.

  • BubbaOne

    The premise of the article is sound:
    We have “too many quality receivers and tight ends.”
    Do we lose players or instead make trades to get some compensation.
    Of the WR’s/TE’s, Nelson, Quarless and Crabtree are the only ones tradeable.

    Here’s where I differ. We’re in SB run mode so I would be more inclined to keep these players who can contribute NOW and also are young enough to contribute for the next several years.
    It’s unfortunate but some of the players we cut will help other teams. That’s just the nature of the NFL. The good news is TT and staff will resign some to PS and find other quality players to fill the PS.
    Also, TT would be ecstatic to get a 6th for Crabtree, and happy to get a 5th for Quarless, or a 3rd for Nelson if he went in that direction.

    • iccyfan

      Preface: Welcome to the “new guys” posting in the thread; I’ve long thought this board was the “best kept secret” on the web for accumulation of Packer News, and the discussions have been lively in years past. Lately it’s been kinda slow and we need more regulars. If only work didn’t get in the way, I’d love to sit around and talk Packers all day.

      I agree BubbaOne that the premise is sound, but I disagree with the conclusions. There’s no place for sentimentality in a winning NFL organization. I love Donald Driver as much as the next guy but he’s old and makes too much money. If there’s a youngster in the WR group to be kept, it’d be Driver who’ll need to be sacrificed. The organization has too much invested in Nelson, with too much upside potential, to let him escape for a draft pick.

      As for Quarless, I truly don’t understand your position. He had a better rookie season than Finley did and I’m hoping he makes the same strides between years one and two that Finley did. I read just this morning that he’s a #1 on four different special teams. I don’t think he’s going anywhere! I think they’ll keep four TE and it’s Ryan Taylor versus D.J. Williams to see who gets the final slot.

      I gave this opinion in a previous thread (regarding Davon House); this isn’t like previous years in any way, shape or form; we’re a very young team already and Ted won’t be able to keep all his rookies. I’m OK with it if Tori Gurley & D.J. Williams are waived; if we can get ’em back on the practice squad – outstanding! If not, good luck to them on another roster! It’s part of the present system…

      • Packer’s Advocate

        Well said, Sir.

  • Rick

    If we need to get to a third QB this team is troubled. If someone wants to grab Harrell off PS, then great, if not then we have him for insurance and we can run him through MM’s QB camp again next spring. A 2year $10 million contract is a lot to try and keep Flynn as a back up next year and I am not happy with Harrell’s progress on the field. I still hope for Green Bay to draft Ryan Tannehill QB (Texas A&M) next year.

    I see a 53 man roster with 0 true FBs (Kuhn is a RB/FB) and 5 TEs because athletic depth for special teams means we have to give the ST squads the best we have.

    In regards to Larry’s trade ideas in this post, for enough anyone but Rodgers, Raji, CMIII, and Jennings is tradeable. The reality is no one trades this late unless a team is desperate to acquire a particular player. Grant was a 6th rounder trade with the Giants because he was buried on their roster and better then almost any player including Ahmam Green in his injured condition, at RB for Green Bay.

    We keep Newhouse on the 53 roster because it is tough to hide developing LTs .

    Mc Donald is roster worthy as a Guard and Center but Evan D-S we should keep because the Goode injury shows how few Long Snappers are in the league. Unless McDonald

    We should go deep on D line with 6 players for depth this year so we can have fresh legs for late in the game and CJ Wilson is almost starter game ready so we need him on the 53 man roster.

    We have some decent young WRs we can keep on PS to help make sure Green bay has depth to help fight the injury bug and improve to be possible starters next year.

    • Rick

      Unless McDonald can learn to handle and execute well the Long Snap duties, then EDS is expendable.

    • iccyfan

      Not to be too picky about things, but Harrell has never been thru a full session of the MM / Tom Clements QB school. I wish he had been; then we’d have a better idea of what he brings to the table.

  • Lew

    Crabtree and quarless have no trade value – but would be picked up if/when cut

    Nelson has value but there is no way you get a 3rd or better. More likely a 5th.

  • 4205

    I have to agree with most of Rick’s comments. The only way Harrell stays is if he improves showing in the last two games. TT hasn’t been inclined to use a spot on the 53 for a clipboard holder – hasn’t bit him yet (Flynn may get big contract, but it won’t be from GB as a backup). The backup positions at FB and TE will hinge on special teams ability. Thus unless Quinn magically jumps out of his funk a guy like Crabtree could grab his roster spot. O-line backups haven’t shown game ready talent thus far so rookies and free agents that are PS eligible may be placed there, with an extra d-line person on 53. Always liked Havner, but he will likely be a casualty to be brought back later if injuries pile up (if he is still available).

    Another topic, I’m surprised the union didn’t push to add one or two players to each roster to increase # of jobs available (probably shelved alsong with 18 game schedule).

  • Pierre

    Only several other receivers have had more receiving yards in a Super Bowl game than Jordy Nelson had…9 receptions, 140 yards. He was second to Rodgers in consideration for Super Bowl MVP. He is young, tall, and talented with potentially a long career as a dependable receiver ahead of him. Trade Jordy?…I don’t think so!!!

  • TRIP


  • Most impressive thing I’ve seen on the many rewinds was Manning intensively “schooling” Painter. Oh, Bret, what could have been………..!

  • Maddy

    Why would you trade Jordy Nelson? He performed great last season and is doing great this season also.