Packers-Vikings Game Blog

3:19 PM: Who is the idiot and dummy now? First play bomb and Vikings lead 7-0. I told you so!

3:21 PM: So what is wrong with Tramon Williams? He’s a shell of his former self. Packers need secondary help badly.

3:33 PM: Packers answer with a long drive. If they can move the ball like that all day, we might be OK.

3:39 PM: Packers’ offense might need to score every drive, the Vikings are moving the ball at will against the Packers’ banged-up defense. Need to keep them out of the end zone this time.

3:43 PM: Defense got off the field. Now let’s take the lead!

3:48 PM: Jared Allen lights up Marshall Newhouse to end Packers’ drive. got them pinned back though. Time for a pick six.

3:52 PM: Almost got the pick six. Three and out almost as good.

3:53 PM: Only in the Metrodome does this crap happen. Muffed punt, Vikings ball. Come on man!

4:00 PM: Ponder picking apart the Packers like a veteran. Game going as I expected so far.

4:12 PM: Rodgers on fire. We needs even. Got to demoralize them a little. Big drive here.

4:14 PM: Newhouse gets burned again and Cobb drops a perfect pass. Settled for three.

4:22 PM: Defense continues to struggle. Not getting seven there hurts big time. I’ll be happy with 17-10 at halftime.

4:32 PM: Vikings did their part, 52-yarder by Longwell. Minute left in the half.

4:40 PM: Never seen Rodgers do something that stupid. If Allen didn’t come across the line he still be calling signals. Got 3 anyway.

4:57 PM: Touchdown Green Bay! Total mistake by the Vikings and the Packers take advantage and the lead. Now don’t look back!

5:02 PM: Packers held and a hot offense has the ball back. Nice return by Cobb, but he still has some making up to do.

5:07 PM: Rodgers is simply on fire right now! It ain’t over yet obviously, but I’m like our chances a little better now.

5:23 PM: Seven might do it.

5:24 PM: We tack on three but again didn’t finish a drive. 30-17. Not over yet. Need at least one more TD to feel safe. I feel a quick Vikings TD somehow. It’s the dome, something weird always happens. But maybe Ponder is a little rattle now.

5:28 PM: As long as Adrian Peterson is in the game the Vikings have a chance.

5:29 PM: Charles Woodson is not over the hill yet. Another INT sets the Packers up to deliver the dagger. Finish a drive now.

5:32 PM: Another stupid play by Rodgers but Crosby nails a 58-yard field goal! Close to a dagger.

5:35 PM: Peterson won’t let the Vikings go down without a fight.

5:46 PM: Packers need to quit trying for the home run and get some first downs. Packers are letting the Vikings hang around and no good comes from that. We need another touchdown to win this thing I think.

5:53 PM: Fourth quarter is dragging and the Vikings are driving again. One more turnover and we can maybe hang on. Need a play right now!

5:57 PM: Big play came but it was for the Vikings. 33-27 now. All of a sudden we are in big trouble. If Rodgers can’t answer I think the Vikings win. I’ve had this feeling all week and nothing that has happened thus far makes me feel any more confident.

6:03 PM: Four and out for the Packers. Vikings will leading soon. Amazing meltdown by the Packers. But we were due for a loss. Now we can end all this undefeated talk that is such a distraction.

6:07 PM: Packers’ defense on their heels, given up over 400 yards yet again. It is time to make a play!

6:09 PM: Packers’ defense playing their worst game of the year. This is getting embarrassing. Packers need a wakeup call. Going to be a long two weeks before the next game I’m afraid.

6:13 PM: Packers have the ball back but can they run it out? All signs point to no. This is going back to the defense’s hands.

6:14 PM: False start on Bulaga is inexcusable!

6:15 PM: We need to pass for a first down. How risky do we get?

6:16 PM: James Starks with a huge run! One more first down and we can run it out.

6:21 PM: There is a your dagger! Second to last play of the game. Amazing. Yeah, I know we won but I told you it wouldn’t be easy. I am a dummy and an idiot and I love it! 7-0.

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  • AATP

    It’s the first quarter dude, nothing is determined in the first quarter…

    • AATP

      I bet it won’t happen again – adjustments WILL be made and Ponder will begin to feel very uncomfortable next possession…

    • AATP

      Hmmmm… A-Rod just doesn’t do it any better than that…

  • Wow, talk about perfection on that first drive……….!

    • AATP

      Yup and then lay an egg on the second drive…

  • AATP

    Well, two things will beat us today – Newhouse and Special Teams and the worst part is – they’re on our own team… Secure the ball man – rookie mistake, worrying about what’s in front of him instead of securing the ball…

  • AATP

    Honestly though, I worry very little if we don’t win this game personally… to go undefeated to me is ridiculous talk – we’ll lay an egg here and there but I really hate it to be against one of our rivals – let it be San Diego or someone like that, not the damn Vikings… Hopefully we’ll circle the wagons and be that OTHER team come this quarter or the entire 2nd half…

  • AATP

    So what’s with Capers not sending pressure? I mean you let Ponder hang back there with no pressure even I could beat our defense given that kind of time to throw the ball… Capers needs to start dialing some shit up on these guys? Curious what his thinking is considering we’re short handed all over the defense… Man, he’s WAY too comfortable back there right now…

  • Skyler

    Thank you Randall Cobb…. 14 points

  • AATP

    I say it again, the only team that can beat the Packers is the Packers and they beating the crap out of themselves right now… Cobb and Newhouse are single handedly trying to make this game so much more difficult than it should be….

  • Packrat59

    Our defense reverted to 2009.

  • dd

    I hope the packers get it together soon.

  • AATP

    I’m good with three… now, the half-time adjustments are key to the rest of this game… They need to come out and score on the first drive of the second half and then start shutting this Viqueen offense down… Can Capers outsmart their offensive schemers? I think so… As long as Newhouse and Cobb do what they get paid for we should get out of this with a win today…

    • AATP

      Apparently you ask you shall receive – thank you Woodson and the Offense has stepped it up a touch…

  • Packer’s Advocate

    I get the feeling McCarthy informed the team during the halftime they’d be spending the bye week in Green Bay practicing instead of having the week off if they lost. What a difference a week off will make in a team’s play.

  • AATP

    Woodson is running a clinic out there on Ponder now… yeah baby… let’s put the stamp on this and get to the bye week…

    • AATP

      OK, Rodgers forgot what throwing ball away means… And friggin Crosby is a monster – he could probably kick a field goal from 65 or more yards out…

  • Packers Fan in Atlanta

    Just wondering: Since I havent been paying as much attention to other teams, Who else is in the running thus far for Defensive Player of the Year? Chuck… I mean Sir Charles leads the league in INTs after this game, has returned one for a TD, has a recovered fumble and has been a monster this year.

    Also, How are you feelin about Crosby this year Al?

    • AATP

      No kidding right? Sir Charles and Sir Matthews are really the key to the defense all around… because they need to be accounted for it gives everyone else opportunities to make plays. Course, now we’re getting gashed by the run instead of the pass – a little twist there.

  • AATP

    So another phantom call against a perfect play from Matthews – f’n refs were feeling bad for Ponder so pull a call outta their barrell of bad calls… That TD should have never happened… I’m a little pissed right now – saw bad officiating last night in the World Series and now I see it again here today – real real tired of it…

  • Cody

    Pass defense is pathetic. Period.

    • AATP

      Run defense is pathetic today as well….

  • AATP

    Now we’ve gotta play to win, not play not to lose…

  • Zach


  • Looks like Al was right. Another exciting game, another W.

  • I Luv Brats

    A win is a win is a win. So what if the Packers didn’t do it in convincing fashion. Most stats are meaningless. The only stats that matter are wins and losses.

  • I have to admit to coming full circle re Favre. I am eternally grateful he did NOT mentor Rodgers. Thank you, so much, Brett!

    • I Luv Brats

      The only thing Favre taught Rodgers is what NOT to do

    • I knew you guys would finally show #4 some gratitude for the years he played for us. 16 years for a #1 pick, not missing a day of work and traded for a #3. Might have taught #12 what not to do and even better how not to be(some of that hype might otherwise be going to #12’s head).

  • iccyfan

    I throw this one in the “quality win” category. On the road versus a divisional rival with a “nothing to lose” attitude, we emerge with a relatively comfortable victory. Sure there were some concerning moments, like having Ponder convert multiple third & longs in the fourth quarter, but that gives McCarthy material to work with over the next two weeks. I don’t think we need to worry about this team becoming complacent…

  • Mel e Mel

    Ponder 13-32 take that any day of the week. Very happy about Starks stuffing it down their throats to win it. Vikes were pulling out all the stops and all they managed to do was get their RB hurt. The division is starting to crack. The Lions can not stop the run and the bears still suck.

    • I Luv Brats

      I remember those knuckleheaded Lions fans talking about their first real challenge is the Packers/Lions game on Thanksgiving. LMFAO

      • And now Stafford is hurt yet again. That guy has the worst luck I’ve ever seen.

  • Mel e Mel

    One more thing really a kick to the nads???!! That should be the loss of a game check. By the way the Vikings do lead the NFL in something… Most arrests sincy y2k more than the bengals and the raiders. Nuff said.

  • Hey, and how about that bogus roughing the quarterback call on Clay Matthews? What a horrible call.

  • Deek

    I know I’m a “Fair Weather” sports fan, (Love the Brewers and Wisconsin Badgers when they win) but when it comes to the Packers, I’m a fanatic.

    Sitting here on Monday morning, after a win, feels GREAT but it’s disconcerting when there’s 10 minites to go in the 4 the Quarter, leading by less than 14 points and MM plays the Conservitive Game Plan. Come On Man.

    • Deek, you have to admit that for the first time the run game was able to kill the clock. I consider that a real improvement. I don’t care that it was against a tired D. I’m hoping to see more of that after the bye.

    • AATP

      I was concerned about that too, but then again, you can’t call a reckless game when the opposition has all their timeouts and the two minute warning to play with. To me, MM was trying to show confidence in his OL and RB to get the job done and drive the stake in. I get the Bill Belichick mentality from many on this forum – when you got ’em down, drive the score up as high as you can get it. But I think MM has more class than that. He’s interested in winning, not just classy but with respect to his players. Give them the call, have them execute it and close out the game. Let the other team be sloppy. I truly wanted to see another touchdown or a pass attempt or something but making the Vikings use up their time-outs and continue to pound the ball was truly the right call IMHO. Win, win hard and win in the trenches. Starkes wasn’t doing anything all day long but when it counted everyone stepped it up on offense. Wish they would play with that same determination during the other 3 and half quarters…

  • This is going to be a very slow two weeks with the injury report the most exciting thing likely to happen (Clifton, Neal, Burnett, Williams, Mathews, Woodson); extensive.
    My thoughts went to history. What other team fans have been treated to the great QBs we’ve had? Starr, Favre, Dickey, and Rodgers, what fun its been.
    SF maybe close (Montana, Albert, Young, and Brodie), but off hand I cannot think of another team with maybe more than two. I didn’t include Tittle there ’cause I consider him a Giant.

    • Don’t forget about Arnie Herber.

      • Well, I thought about him and Isbell, (I’m not THAT old to have seen them play too, but considered them more of tailbacks that threw rather than QBs that liken to today. Ah, what a wonderfull trip this has been………! How proud we can all be of this organization; even in the bad (’70s come to mind?)days.

  • Larry

    Love the win. Hopefully the bye will help us get healthy.

  • Rick

    Green Bay grinded the clock out with a fairly ineffective run game again and kept putting the team in 3rd and long. We have had a tough time converting with all the dome noise and such.

    So instead of 2 TDs MM went conservative settled for 2 field goals. I think we need a tight formation with run pass options. We line up spread and can’t grind clock because we are passing. Then we line up in I formation against 8 or 9 in the box and Grant/Starks can’t get anywhere. Tired of this happening game after game. We are winning but with a grind time offense look we should be putting these opponents to bed much earlier.

    We just need a solid run offense for grind time, with pass options to take adavantage of one on one matchups and miscues.

    • iccyfan

      Rick – My son & I were discussing this yesterday when the Packers got the ball back for the final drive with 2:37 left on the clock. We knew McCarthy would “play it by the book”, run the ball and make Frazier call his TO’s. How can you argue when a coach does what he’s supposed to do and it works? Our position on the matter is the “guy who wrote the book” didn’t have a QB who’s leading the free world in every category and a stable of top-notch receivers / TE’s! AR is completing passes at a >70% rate and the Vikes are bunched at the line to stop the run.

      Anyway, it worked yesterday and now it’s on tape for all the other teams to see and file away under GBP tendencies. It’s my hope they will break out that “safe slant” pattern in a similar situation in the future, hopefully catching somebody by surprise.

      • Rick

        I will take the win. I wish we would use some of our red zone formations as clock killer formations. We have the personnel to create some fun match up problems.

  • Bob

    1 Question? Where is are Defense????? If our Defense was like last year! We blow everyone away!

    • Well, maybe we miss Cullen Jenkins more than the coaches/Thompson will admit. I was hoping to see something out of So ‘oto, but don’t know how much he got onto the field. I also hope Mike Neal makes it back this year.

  • Larry

    Collins is better than we give him credit for…between him being on IR and Burnett with one hand and a dinged up Williams we’re hard pressed to stop good passing teams from chewing up yardage. I also believe that Jenkins was a bigger cog in the pass rush last year than TT thought. Neal may be able to get the pressure but we won’t find out for at least two weeks.

    The other notable change was that Zombo played most of the early season last year and hardly any yet this year.

    Nearly half of the NFL now plays the 3-4 defense so teams are more familiar with it than in years past.

    Lastly, why can’t we keep a back in on 3rd down in the red zone?

  • Pierre

    With two Woodsen picks GB should have been able to pass, run, and hide from the Vikings like Brees and the Saints did to the Colts last night. Instead, they were held to field goals after both picks. First and goal at the five and you can’t get the ball to Finley for a TD??? Why waste two downs running and then allow Jared Allen to sack Rodgers when Green Bay has the most formidable grouping of pass receivers in the NFL and the best QB?? In the fourth quarter they could barely convert a first down except the last series. Ponder, in his first NFL game converted 9 of 16 third downs; Rodgers converted just 2 of 8. Ponder hit a lot of clutch passes for his first game, which was quite surprising. The GB offense just kept giving the ball back to the Vikings when they should have put this game away a lot sooner, especially with Rodgers working against a significantly depleted MN secondary. Nice to win the game of course, however the mentality of being conservative and not applying your strength against the opponent just allowed this game to be closer than it ever needed to be and kept the GB defense on the field a lot longer than necessary. One other observation…no one needs to complain about Packer management / coaches sticking with Mason Crosby anymore…he’s proving to be an elite kicker!

    • IMO very very well said, Pierre.

      • Bob


  • Rick

    Wynn is a great guy and decent at run stuffing but he just can’t get any pass rush and that allows every offensive line to slide down on Pickett and Raji. We don’t get the push up the middle like last year and that means less clean looks for the LBs to make plays.

    Obviously with Pickett back inside at the NT position instead of Raji on many snaps and Wynn not as effective at all as a pass rusher we have a fundemental weakness. Right now the problem is Green Bay tries to take away the run and does not blitz as much which gives opposing QBs more time to attack our secondary.

    Luckily Woodson is an effective fireman in the secondary for us.

    Neal’s return will help put a wrinkle into opponenets and their game plan. The neat thing is with this weakness Green Bay has adjusted on the fly and tried to use what personnel we have to achieve wins just like last year. It may not be pretty but Wins matter not stats.

    and I also agree with Pierre and tip my cheesehead to Crosby. Wow!! Just Wow!!

  • dave76

    Great play calling by MM at the end of the game to run out the clock. Starks had some great hard runs to get the first downs. I just felt the Queens were expecting the short passes, hats off to MM for catching them off guard. A tough road divisional game nonetheless. Go Pack!

  • Reid

    I think this week is a trap week, you know, being on a bye and all. Someone will sneak up on us when we take the week for granted and relax.

  • Rick

    With Alex Green MM will probably wait until next week to place on IR. At which point does he grab Bandon Saine (Rookie RB Ohio State) from practice squad, promote some else that maybe better on Special teams, or look to sign away off some practice squad?

  • Larry

    Reid, you read my mind…next week is a “sand trap” week NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!

  • Mel e Mel

    I know this will sound crazy but the Packers may actually “NEED” to run the table to get Home Field Advantage. SF only plays 3 teams with winning records the rest of the year. The Packers on team left on the schedule with a losing record is the Vikes.

    • I Luv Brats

      Nothing would be sweeter than to see the Packers win the NFC Title Game in Lambeau

  • Re reference to Cullen Jenkins. I thought we would try harder to keep him, but was led to believe that Neal could handle his role. Well, we are probably seeing the result of his injury. In any case CJ and PHI with all that payroll are not exactly setting the league on fire.

    • dave76

      I have to wonder what might be going through Cullens head now about leaving the Packers…..

      • Rick

        Game Check!!

  • Larry

    Ya gotta believe that if GB paid CJ $5M he would have stayed…I really don’t think GB wanted him back. He’s in Philly because they wanted him.

  • Jeff

    Oh you told me so??? Wow , one play and your were ready for PMS !
    Nope , I was right again .
    Remember something , you are the dummy! I have forgot more about football than you know.
    I am LMA) , you were ready to tell me you told me so after one play.

  • Jeff

    I just got around to reading this , nope , I know what I am talking about..But the game was easy and I will call you an idiot again. You just do not get it,,when this team needed to turn it on at the start of the second half they did and got a quick 16 point lead .
    When this team needs to turn it on it turns it on.

  • Jeff

    What is it going to take for you to understand that basing this on yardage given up if for losers.
    What really counts is points allowed , passer rating , and red zone defense.
    The Packers are one of the better teams in red zone defense , they are a very good 9th at opposing QB passer rating , and they are 15th in points allowed and they are just a couple of points away from being in the top 10 in points allowed.
    Many of the Packer points were allowed in the 4th quarter when the Packers had huge leads against Denver , Carolina , and Minnesota.
    You have to get it when I say the toughest place the Packers played this year was at Atlanta against a QB that never loses at home and after the first 2 drives of the game the Packers held the Falcons to no points and very little yardage.
    Why in the world do you want Capers to play all of his cards now when he does not have to ?? This team is averaging 31 points a game and 29 on the road and there is no need to play the whold deck on defense right now.
    This is an offensive league right now and everyone is going to give up yardage….. As long as the Packers are doing well in points allowed , opposing QB rating, and redzone defense they will be just fine. Think about this , when the defense had to slam the door against the Saints , Panthers , Bears , Falcons , and Vikings they slammed the door and that is what counts.
    Just think back to last year at this time , the defense was not doing that great either ( by your standards with yardage) , they were coming off a game where they gave up 24 points at home to the Vikings and if you remember the 2 weeks before that they let McNabb get hot late in the game at Wahington and they could not stop Chad Henne of all people and Brandon Marshall at home.
    You want your defense to be playing it’s best right befor Thanksgiving just like last year , we are ahead of the pace on defense now compared to last year at Halloween.
    We are going to play only 2 teams the rest of the year that have any type of offense and that is San Diego and Detroit , I think by the toime we see Detroit they will be in full tailspin as I said they would be. San Diego can score some but they have no running game and their receivers do not play well against bump and run coverage , so the defense form a yardage standpoint will get healthy against teams at home like Minnesota , Tampa , Oakland , and the Bears.Our defense will be just fine in road game at KC and NYG