2012 Draft Wish list and players to watch during the rest of the college football season

Hopefully with the 32nd pick in the first round the repeating SuperBowl Champions Green Bay Packers select:

1st round

Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M – He looks, acts, throws, and moves on the field like Aaron Rodgers did at Cal. He is a perfect developmental pick that can sit for 3 years and learn the system and step in when needed, much like Flynn did. Besides being groomed as a starter in waiting he may develop into an important tradable asset in year 4. Look at the Kolb, Schaub, and Palmer deals. With the rookie wages more locked in this is a great place to select a top QB and allow Green Bay to still only carry 2 QBs on the roster.

2nd round

Josh Chapman NT/DT Alabama. He is a successful senior NT that plays in a 3-4 defense and is amazing against the run as well as dealing with double and even triple blocking by opposing offensive lines. He is a very good player that can reduce the load on Pickett and eventually take his spot when Pickett retires or moves on.

3rd round

Aaron Henry FS Wisconsin. He is playing like a beast and is charging up my draft board. Fifth rounder now looks to just squeak into the third round as Green Bay can get a great Nick Collins like rookie and keep a Wisconsin player in state.

4th round

Jacquies Smith DE/OLB Missouri. An amazing player that due to a slight injury should hopefully last until Green bay picks him in the fourth round. He is a player that will challenge Zombo and Walden on day one as an OLB for Green Bay.

5th round

The trend at drafting amazing TE continue as Green Bay brings in one of the best TEs that no one outside of scouts has heard of. I mentioned him during the Lockout in May as a player to keep tabs on. Ladarius Green TE from Louisiana – Lafayette. 6-6 240lbs runs in the 4.59 range. He will be looking to take the place of a possibly departing Free Agent Finley for Green Bay. He has the size and speed mismatch that McCarthy likes to have especially against the cover 2 defense that is played heavily against Green bay.

I expect TT to still draft best available but here are some players to keep tabs on when you watch college games and especially when bowl time comes. Go Pack Go!!

By Rick.


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  • Larry

    Nice post…Start looking for another G/T…Cliffy won’t be back and we’ll need another developing lineman. This might also be the year we get the bookend to CM3.

  • Rick

    Al wasn’t sure about Green Bay selecting another QB but now that we have a rookie salary system that the best available player draft applies to any position, QB included. We were impressed with Flynn last year against the Patriots but it was still a loss and he is in his last year.

    • iccyfan

      I’m no NFL scout but I don’t see the Tannehill – Rodgers comparison. I saw Tannehill in action @ Iowa State a couple weeks ago; he was 24 / 43 for 263 yards and 2 TD’s – 5 Rushes for 0 Yards and 3 sacks for -15 yards. I love my Cyclones and we tend to sneak up on people once in awhile, but that’s not the stat line of a future NFL starter. I think Mike Sherman has given me enough headaches over the years; just say no to Ryan Tannehill in the first round…..

      • Rick

        Mike Sherman still gives me the “what might have been” willies too. 🙂

        Both Aaron and Ryan are players that had to bust butt and take advantage of opportunites to get on the field as QBs. Both have strong arms and the ability to run when need be as well as show complete ability to make all the throws and stay mobile and ACCURATE while doing so. They have similar strength and speed numbers even though Ryan is about an inch taller. They both have compact strong throwing motions.

        Tannehill had to play at WR until showing what he was capable of in 2010 as QB. He is now being schemed against and has through his arm forced A&M to stay in games. I think he will need work and with MM as his teacher he can develop similarly to Aaron.

        To clarify at the beginning he scored and rated out where I had Aaron rated in Rodgers senior year at Cal.

        As and aside as to college to pro, I watched the lowly Illini dismantle Baylor and R. Griffith III in Texas Bowl last year and he is being toted as a Heisman front runner.

        Player Name Pos GP Comp Att % Yards TD INT TD% INT% Y/A RAT
        Aaron Rodgers qb 12 209 316 66.14 2566 24 8 7.6 2.5 8.1 154.35
        Ryan Tannehill qb 8 200 306 65.40 2322 18 7 5.9 2.3 8.6 143.93

        Player Name Pos GP Att Yards TD % Y/G A/G TD/G
        Aaron Rodgers qb 12 74 126 3 1.70 10.5 6.2 0.3
        Ryan Tannehill qb 8 39 227 4 5.82 28.4 4.88 0.5

        • Weren’t #12’s numbers skewed by playing in the Tedford Cal offense. I believe he had a lot to unlearn. Sherman at least runs a pro offense at A&M.

    • BPA all the way. Unless TT sees a chance to get a phenom like CMIII and makes a rare trade. By the way Flynn hasn’t shown any improvement this year and if he doesn’t get any playing time he won’t have many options.

  • Chris K

    Not gonna be a QB, lol..

    • Rick

      You probably will be right but if a QB is BPA I think TT should draft ’em.

  • Larry

    I’m drinkin the kool-aid…Flynn will want to start so a QB at 32 makes a lot of sense. BPA now more than ever!

  • Larry

    GB on Sports Illustrated…I’m betting the farm on SD….SI curse lives!! lol

    • Rick

      I disbelieve, I disbelieve. There is no SI, there is no SI.

      See…much better 🙂

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Can’t buy that one, Rick. You offering a smoke screen? Can’t use your 1’s on players you know will be holding down the bench for three years. Remember Brohm…… We have Harrell also. And if we were playing the QB trading game, I’d think they’d have traded Flynn before the deadline. Low picks and develop as usual. Buy low, sell high.

    Biggest bang for the buck is still opposite CMIII. Find him a player that commands double teams and thins out the protection of the O-line, not to mention, makes the QB take his eyes off the field for a moment to peek at his blind side for a threat/or pressure from the front.

    But, you never know??????

    Think TT needs a street also. Maybe two of them. He’s made some pretty big/good decisions and took alot of greif for it. Think he’s earned it. Just have to keep him around for another five years so we can see what happens that the Seahawk’s never were able to find out, after he moved on from them after the SB loss.

    • Packer’s Advocate

      Or was that just before the SB loss? Have to ask Lew.

    • Rick

      Bench player only with AR staying healthy. Look at the Colts. AR also turns 28 this December and was out of 2 games last year. 4 years from now he will be 32 and you would have a 25-26 year old as back up. AR maybe the next iron man QB but looking at this league I would rather be Green Bay with the Favre to Rodgers swap or 49ers Montana to Young then what I am seeing in Indy.

      After last season, quality depth from drafting and developing players seems to be the winning formula.

      • Packer’s Advocate

        Not against it. Thought it might have been a good move w/Brohm in the 2nd considering he was grading as a 1st. But a 1st sitting on the bench 3 years…….. he’d not only have to be what he’s supposed to be, but you’d need to get the 1 back to break even + another 1st to make up for 3 lost years of not having that 1 on the field and playing + another decent pick to have gained something in the deal. A plus of this, could be that you’d get higher 1st round picks than the late 1st rounders that the Pack have been getting for doing well. Provided…. he’s not a Brohm!

        Age…….. I just kinda think at 35 you really have to start looking at the player real close. At that age, all those years, the wear and tear, etc., I worry about them by the end of the season. Physically and mentally. The playoffs and Super Bowl is when we need them at their best. That roughly puts looking for AR’s replacement at about 4 years from now.

        Then after that, who knows???? I found it interesting a trade couldn’t be made for a decent player like Nick Barnett. Guess his salary doomed that… Maybe they’d rather wait and take their chances vs. using a bunch of picks for a player they could possibly bid for and win w/the picks also to give him some players. Alot of if’s in picking a player that high, solely to develop and trade.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Hey Rick, the pundits say it’s supposed to be a weak draft. Is it looking like that to you?

    • Rick

      Not for QBs. It is “light” in some areas with the seniors, but that all changes as Juniors declare or stay.

  • Interesting conversation, better than a debate. QB or OLB, I could care less, letting TT/MM do their jobs.
    I’m jumping to a related (draft) observation to emphasize my trust factor in the organization. PATs have as good a rep as we do insofar as coaching/org and success. I can’t help noting the comparisons this year in both teams. To wit: unstopable O and porus D, especially against the pass. I think I read that PATs are last in that category. But, they have drafted DBs seven times since ’05 in the top four rounds and four of them were one or two. Go figure!
    Our DB problems are totally injury related whereas theirs are absolutely bad drafting. Go TT….!

    • Packer’s Advocate

      Another thing w/the Pack and N.E. Cheats is that the Pack is becoming well known to handing out fair contracts, giving all players a chance, treating players well and fair, etc. I know that they generally rave also about the Cheatriots approach of the team over player and consistancy, BUT I also think they’ve fell into the “we’re so great” trap w/picking up the Moss’, Ocho’s, Haynesworth’s, Mallet’s etc. of the world.

      • Yeah, the one BIG name to put us over the top. Well, it did work w/Moss for awhile, but it doesn’t last.

  • iccyfan

    Since we’re talking about QB’s in the draft, what’s the most important attribute you’re looking for? I know AR has a “big arm”, but the thing that really sets him apart is his ability to quickly scan the field, see which receiver will be coming open and deliver the ball quickly. I guess I have a preference for a cerebral QB rather than an athletic gunslinger with poop for brains. I wonder why that is?

  • Larry

    There have been many average armed QB’s that have been productive. Phillip Rivers is one we’ll play Sunday. Montana and Young, Stabler, Starr, Dawson. Kosar from Cleveland, Pennington, Fran T, etc..

    Decision making and accuracy are sooo underrated..particularly in todays game where YAC rules!

    • dave76

      Also I believe AR mobility, as well as what you just mentioned, separates him from Brady and Manning. His accuracy on the run is remarkable.

    • Oooh, Larry, I seem to recall the Snake throwing some pretty awesome long ones a time ago…..!

  • Rick

    I want 6-2 or taller. Moderate athlete. Tight throwing motion with the ability to throw the whole route tree. Average arm strength but I prefer slightly above average. Accuracy and an ability to throw a catchable ball (nice spiral -doesn’t always quack back and forth).

    Andy Dalton, Philip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Mallet, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning are the first group of current QBs that come to my mind. I will say the Cam Newton was not projected by me to be so accurate as he seems to be this year. If this conitinues he is definitely on ths list.

  • Reid

    I wouldn’t give Finley a contract extension yet. I think we should franchise him and see how he reacts to having big money for 1 year. There’s no question about his physical abilities onthe field, but I think he has possible character issues that could be revealed once he gets more $cash$. If he stays productive, team-oriented, and out of trouble after getting the franchise $$, maybe then sign him longer term.

    • Rick

      I have to agree. The franchise tag may be the best to get him the money and a chance to bail if he loses his mind.

  • Rick

    Alright folks

    LSU or Alabama??

  • Larry

    Roll Tide! I spent 4 years in Montgomery (as a PSU fan) …some of the most gracious people I ever met.

  • dave76

    Alabama by 4, hope it lives up to the hype. Should be a great game!

  • Rick

    So the score so far

    2 for Alabama and 0 LSU

    Anyone else?

    P.S. The Bears still suck.

    • I didn’t know colleges still played football. Isn’t that too rough a sport for kids today? Besides, I also thought we weren’t supposed to keep score anymore!

      • Rick


    • iccyfan

      Alabama should win at home, but I’ll take LSU because I like Tyrann (Honey Badger) Mathieu. The Honey Badger (a real Honey Badger, not Tyrann) video on You-Tube is very funny – they made a pistachio commercial out of the parts that were proper for TV viewing…

      Postscript: Video contains violence, profanity and mockery of alternative sexual preferences. I won’t link it because it’s not all-together appropriate…

      Seriously, Les Miles and LSU are always loose and show up for big games. Nick Saban and Alabama are wound too tight. LSU by seven…

    • Rick

      Score now 2 for Alabama and 1 LSU 🙂

    • Rick

      In looking at the teams and their rosters there are ten (10) DBs combined on both defenses that I have projected 5th round or better in the next two-three years of the NFL draft.

      This is probably the only time you can see more than two quality NFL calibre CB or S on the field at the same time outside of bowl games.

  • As usual, the only two things that bother me in this one is that good tight ends always hurt us (Gates still hurting?) and TOP of their O kepping the ball out of our hands.

    • iccyfan

      I have Ryan Matthews on my fantasy football team, which explains why I’ve paid more attention to the Chargers than I normally would. Unless they change their play-calling patterns or Phillip Rivers suddenly gets more accurate, we won’t have to worry about TOP going against us. They have a strong running attack with Matthews (doubtful with groin injury) and Tolbert (missed last week with concussion after-affects), but they haven’t been utilizing it properly. Rivers seems mesmerized with forcing the ball to Gates and Vincent Jackson. Throw in the fact their offensive line is in disarray (best OG out with concussion) and I believe we’re catching them at a good time. My prediction: Packers 38 – Chargers 26

      • Without the OL protection from their best, Rivers would be toast.

    • Rick

      Play smart and no turnovers. They are weak and we just need to get up early on them and not let them in the game.

  • BubbaOne

    I know TT drafts BPA but this early in the draft process I focus on needs; specifically the biggest dropoff if a starter goes out. That said,
    —What Centers do you like? We need to start grooming Wells’ replacement.
    —Safeties? I feel Collins is history and not sure they move Bush or Woodson there full time.
    —RB’s? I think Grant will be gone and Green may not be fully ready 8 months after surgery.

    What’s your best guess on comp picks? With 7 FA’s (Jenkins, Colledge, Jackson, Hall, Spitz, Bigby, Smith) I think we get the full complement of 4 picks. I will be happy if it’s two 5th rounders and two sixth rounders. Those coupled w/ our original 7 plus I think a 7th for the conditional Schlaudraff trade would give TT a total of 12 picks: 1-2-3-4-5-5-5-6-6-6-7-7.
    These picks together w/ the 1 to 3 keepers TT finds as UDFA’s gives him a nice chance to have another great draft. Thoughts?

    Re Alabama/LSU…I’m rooting for LSU but think Alabama will win and cover the spread b/c of having more quality playmakers on both sides of the ball.

    • What is there about Collin’s injury that leads you to believe he is history?

      • BubbaOne

        He has fused vertabraes in his neck and won’t know for several months if doctors will give him the okay to resume his career. He has said he’s okay if his playing days are over. The tone he said it in leads me to believe it’s a good possibility.

      • Thanks, seems I recall Sterling Sharpe having something like that?

      • Rick

        He is 50/50 depending on how the injury heals on its on. It is about a 6month process from now to even see if he can be involved in physical sports at a recreation level let alone NFL.

        If he is done there is a developmental “quality control” begining for him to get his feet wet in coaching. He worked his way into a starter position with hard work and study and seems to be able to communincate and teach others. He has helped with Peprah last year to get him as up to speed working together.

        I hope he heals up fine, but the Lord has plans for him either way that will be to his benefit.

        • BubbaOne

          He did say he wanted to go into coaching. Also MM said he started out at the quality control job and he laid a great foundation to start his coaching career.

          Rick, any answers to these…

          I know TT drafts BPA but this early in the draft process I focus on needs; specifically the biggest dropoff if a starter goes out. That said,
          —What Centers do you like and what round? We need to start grooming Wells’ replacement. Do you like Ben Jones, a booster at G said he’s a good player and character guy.
          —Safeties, same Q’s? I feel Collins is history and not sure they move Bush or Woodson there full time.
          —RB’s? I think Grant will be gone and Green may not be fully ready 8 months after surgery.

          What’s your best guess on comp picks? With 7 of our FA’s signed elsewhere (Jenkins, Colledge, Jackson, Hall, Spitz, Bigby, Smith) I think we get the full complement of 4 picks. I will be happy if it’s two 5th rounders and two sixth rounders. Those coupled w/ our original 7 plus I think a 7th for the conditional Schlaudraff trade would give TT a total of 12 picks: 1-2-3-4-5-5-5-6-6-6-7-7.
          These picks together w/ the 1 to 3 keepers TT finds as UDFA’s gives him a nice chance to have another great draft. Thoughts?

          • BubbaOne

            should have said…” and it laid a great foundation…”

    • Rick

      Great call on comp picks Buba. I agree completely.

      Center of the future is not on team. We have Sitton that can slide inside from Guard or EDS if we need him.

      Safeties – Burnett is a starter/ Bush Peprah Jennings are solid backups. IF Collins is done then I see Henry from Wisconsin as being a TT target as I mentioned above.

      Green will need some serious recovery time. Look for Saine to show what he has. If good Green may be on the outs.

      • BubbaOne

        Thanks Rick, re comp picks…
        what C’s and RB’s in the draft do you like that fit the Packers scheme and are good character guys?

        • Rick

          Philip Blake C 6-2 320 senior from Baylor. Was a solid RT for Baylor. Moved in afterstarter was drafted by Broncos. He has played great for the Baylor Bears and makes great line calls for possible Heisman winning QB Griffith III.

          Projects 5th to 6th round. He is a multi position O lineman that needs some polish but would be great for Green Bay.

          A possible 7th rounder pick is Scott Wedige 6-4 310 NIU. Small School sguy but watch what he does. He is a on eof my diamond in the rough guys. He anchors on eof the top running attacks and then last week he made blitz adjustments as they won by scoring something like 65 points through the air. He held up great.

          As for RB

          A FB/RB Bruiser Hillis type – At 5-11 240and runs a 4.55( a faster Kuhn if you will) is Terrance Ganaway. He transferred from Houston to Baylor and is a between the tackle beast. Probable UDFA

          The kid that I like and took his team on his back is 5-08 191 Jeff Demps Florida. He makes Sam Shields looke slow. I have a 40 yard in practice as low as 4.18. He is small but quick and has great acceleration and cuts. He can get lost behind big O linemen and bang he finds the crease and gone. Watch Florida vs Vanderbilt. He single handily brought Florida back. I think 6th to 7th round.

          Have you seen how incredible Wisconsin looked. Wow!!

          LSU and Alabama are almost NFL calibre defenses tonite.

  • Rick

    Iccy called the game, LSU wins.