Packers-Chargers Game Blog

3:18 PM: Rocky start as usual for the Packers in sunny, er, raining San Diego. Chargers moving with ease against the Packers’ defense. Same old song and dance we have seen all year. Would be nice to hold the opponent on the first drive for a change. Maybe next week.

3:21 PM: Packers must still be on bye. That was the easiest touchdown scored on the Packers all year. Why does this continue to happen? Frustrating, and puts too much pressure on the offense.

3:39 PM: And has been the case the Packers answer right back. Incredible.

3:41 PM: I think I just saw the most amazing interception return of the season! Wow! Just like that 14-7.

3:47 PM: One thing that worries me is the Packers’ defense struggling against the run. But when you have two pick-sixes in the first quarter you can get away with it.

3:55 PM: Chargers not going away though and other than the turnovers the Packers’ defense is playing horribly. I thought the bye would have helped the defense more than the offense but apparently that is not the case. 21-14 now.

4:06 PM: Offense couldn’t finish a nice drive. Go for the first.

4:07 PM: Maybe we should punt. 4th and four. We can’t stop them it seems, so maybe we should go for it. Charger defense covering well, Rodgers has had plenty of time to throw. I think we should pin them back.

4:43 PM: I don’t think the TD will count.

4:10 PM: Should have punted or at least called a better play, either way we’ll be tied shortly.

4:11 PM: Even broken plays are working for the Chargers. I have a bad feeling about this one. Might be our wakeup call.

4:14 PM: Whoever McCarthy has telling when to challenge or not needs to be fired. Dom Capers should be fired too. This defense is simply pathetic. I know they have 14 points but if they don’t get 28 the Packers might get blown out today.

4:19 PM: 21-17 now. At least the defense held them to three. The offense better not mess up again. 28-17 at the half would make me feel a lot better. I’d wouldn’t be that upset with 24-17.

4:24 PM: I’ll be happy with 21-17 now. Nothing is working on offense.

4:26 PM: If Rodgers wasn’t running the ball we wouldn’t have a first down. The SI jinx on the Packers’ receivers is on! This is ugly.

4:36 PM: Rodgers is not playing well at all. Looks like 2009 all over again. Hanging on to the ball way too long.

4:41 PM: Is Rodgers pressing being back in Cali? Can’t believe the Chargers are covering that well. I think Aaron is not pulling the trigger.

4;46 PM: Wow, that was close. I could see them calling that incomplete. Packers lead 28-17 at the half barring a kickoff return for a TD. I’ll take it.

5:10 PM: Got three on the opening drive. Good play by them prevented more.

5:18 PM: Chargers on the move again. Defense needs to step up soon.

5:20 PM: Antonio Gates is like 600 pounds yet the Packers can’t cover him. Amazing. 31-24 shortly. We let them back in to it.

5:32 PM: Chargers have taken away our passing game. Is this the blueprint to stop us?
5:23 PM: I can’t believe our defense is this bad. No improvement whatsoever this year.

5:25 PM: Packers simply have decided not to cover Antonio Gates. Dom Capers has no clue this year. This should be his last year in Green Bay. I think the Chargers win this game. Like I said, we need a wakeup call. Especially on defense. I think we need to score in the 40s to win this one.

5:35 PM: I’m very nervous.

5:38 PM: Huge TD by the Packers! James Jones has proven to be huge this year.

5:40 PM: Now if we can just stop them once we’ll be in good shape.

5:53 PM: Another touchdown is even better! We can’t let them get a quickie now.

5:59 PM: Packers’ defense is getting ripped again. This is far from over.

6:02 PM: Chargers get the onside kick. Come on defense! Please. Make one stop.

6:04 PM: Packers’ defense is an absolute joke! 45-38. Told you the Chargers would win this game. I’d love to be wrong, but, you know, I’m not.

6:06 PM: This one game means nothing, even if the Packers win they aren’t winning a Super Bowl with this defense. Packers are panicking with Woodson returning a kickoff. What an idiot move by the Packers.

6:08 PM: Biggest joke job the Packers under McCarthy I have to believe.

6:15 PM: Talk to you later this week. I can’t believe this.

6:34 PM: Unbelievable!!!! 8-0! I was scared!

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  • Cody

    Nice pick 6… clay mathews had a sick block at the end of it

  • Solve the TE problem and then let a cannon ball run all over you, ala Turner. Well, next we solve the Tolbert problem like we did at Atl…………..oh, well.

  • Perhaps someone in the locker room, at the half, can get Lang’s head on straight.

  • I hate to say “I told you so”, but just another TE that breaks Caper’s balls. Olson, Shiancoe, Gonzo; I sure hope Det doesn’t have a good one yet………………!

  • CWO

    Is it too early to start thinking Capers needs to go!

    • Jeff

      That is truly insane , I guess you do not remember the great ones like Chad Henne , McNabb moved the ball on our defense in the first half of last season.
      Lot of the same people who paid attention to pre season and thought Rodgers would be sacked 8 times every game , so funny !

  • Just Saying

    When the game is over it’s time for someone in that locker room to put the defense on BLAST. Poor Poor Playing for them.

  • Just Saying

    The Packers defense need to be ASHAMED of themselves how they played this game.

    • Jeff

      Yeah , real ashamed with 2 pick 6 TDs.
      Even though it was a one score game at the end , the Chargers points were scored in garbage time , yes garbage time.
      Who in their right mind picks the Packers to lose in a place they never lost.

  • CWO

    This Defense will cost the Pack another ring if huge improvement is made.

    • Jeff

      I hope you people remember that the Packer defense was not good in the first half of the season last year , nothing is costing this team a repeat.

  • CWO

    This Defense will cost the Pack another ring if huge improvement is not made.

    • Jeff

      Improvements or not , nobody is stopping this team from another Super Bowl title.

  • Just Saying


  • Zach

    I think I need to head over to Al’s house to check up on him.

  • Bob

    Packers Defense Sucks! We go undefeated no problem with last years Defense! We won’t win superbowl with this Defense unless it gets Better and fast! Prediction, First Lost comes on Thanksgiving Day!

    • Jeff

      Last year’s defense had trouble in the first half of the season , please remember that our defense did not get going last year until late November.
      I guess you forget the defense gave up 24 at home to the Vikings last year.

  • David

    I agree with most of you. This defense is bad even though they had 2 picks for TDs. You have trouble stopping people on 3rd and long. You show your hand by not putting any backs on 3rd and 2. Come on man at lease make them think you might run! Bad defense and some questionable play calling will lead to a disappointing season when all said and done. Capers has said he is not worried about the yards… well get worried because you cannot be a super bowl contender with that defense.

    • Jeff

      You go ahead and keep belieing that, this is an offensive league right now !!! The Saints won it all 2 years ago with a bad defense that lived off turnovers.
      Anyone who says this defense is bad just does not know talent.

  • iccyfan

    C’mon you guys! How spoiled are you? Who said we’d go undefeated with last year’s defense? Do you not remember the games where we held on for dear life down the stretch last year (Philadelphia in playoffs ring a bell?).

    The Packers just won a road game against a very talented team that is wounded and desparate. I know the Chargers aren’t playing to their perceived potential, but in the NFL, any road win is a good win. The Chargers will end up winning the AFC West and many of you a whining about this. Get a grip!!!

    • Totally agree. It wasn’t pretty, but I’ll take it and stay undefeated. The defense does need to figure out ways to improve. How?

      • Jeff

        I am going to say this for the last time , Capers does not have to show all of his cards now with the team scoring so many damn points. He did not bring the blitzes until late November last year.

    • Jeff

      We never lost in San Diego , only morons would have picked San Diego in this game.

  • CWO

    iccyfan I have played and watched many years of football and without a doubt this defense will cost us when it matters most period. Open your eyes!!! Our D makes every team look like a talented team.

    • Jeff

      Sure made Atlanta look silly and Ryan has only lost 3 games ever at home.

      • CWO

        You sir are a true homer, you refuse to see any flaw no matter what. Last years defense never had me worried and I knew we were taking the Lombardi Trophy home. This year is NOT the same. The loss of Collins has been a bigger blow than I originally thought. I truly hope I am wrong this.

  • Bob

    Hey IccyFan:

    We score 45 points and have to worry at the end of a game? And you think our Defense is playing as good as last year! You need to get a grip!!!

    • iccyfan

      Whatever Bob – I’m not the one saying our defense sucks, Capers needs to go and we’re going to lose at Detroit (that’s a combination of you and Al). Go ahead and shriek like Chicken Little if it makes you feel better…

      • Bob

        I like Capers! I just think the defense doesn’t think they have to play as hard, because our offense is so good! I feel sorry for the team that we play when the defense and offense plays a complete game!

        • iccyfan

          We’re in full agreement on that final sentence! Actually, I don’t disagree with anything you wrote this time; it does appear the D isn’t playing with a sense of urgency. I’d opine that Bishop and Matthews are always at full throttle; the rest of ’em aren’t leaving it all on the field…

  • Z-Man

    Face it the Packs pass defense is more lucky than good. Yeah 3 picks but giving up almost 400 passing yards. If this keeps up Pack will b exit out of the playoffs quickly – How many times can we count on Rodgers saving the team.Pass rush definitely needs to improve to help out the secondary

    • Jeff

      The Packers are not losing to anyone in the playoffs , this team has never failed to win it all when they finish with the best record in their conference.
      Alot of you people had this team not making the playoffs last year and I was laughing then too.

    • Jeff

      Well , the Saint defense blew 2 years ago and they got the super bowl because they caused turnovers , I guess they were lucky too.
      I am sorry , but only an idiot can not see that this team is the class of the NFL and if this team does not turn the ball over 4 times , nobody is beating them !!!

  • Jeff

    The Packers are not winning a super bowl with this defense???? You just keep being stupid , this is an offensive league now and nobody is going to outscore us , I told you we would be 10-0 at Thanksgiving and we will be.
    Do you understand that with a 21 point lead if the Chargers did not get fortunate with that on side kick we win this by 17?
    Ues , the Chargers are a very talemted team and year after year Rivers is the best deep passer in the NFL , what the hell is wrong with some of you people ! The defense set the tone for this game with two pick 6 touchdowns ! Some of you aare just looking for reasons to complain , shame on you ! This is an 8-0 team that is going to repeat ! San Diego does not lose often at home. Some of you guys are just going to bit-h and moan no matter what they do. First loss will not come in Detroit , that team has no secondary and can not stop the run , the Packers running game always runs over the Lions on Thanksgiving.
    Lions do not beat teams with winning records.
    I will repeat, this is an offensive league right now and nobody is outscoring us.
    Face it , Packers are winning the Division and getting the #1 seed and yes they are repeating. Go ahead, say I am wrong just like you did last year and this year.

  • Jeff, it wasn’t just the Chargers getting lucky on an onside kick. Did you see how Gates scorched us. Do you notice that we’ve had trouble with our pass defense in other games. And, worse the stupid kick return formation at the end. As usual the offense couldn’t close out the game even after we got bailed out with an interference call inside the 10 and then was stuffed on 3rd and 2. Anyone who starts bleating about how great we are has a chance to step back and see the deficiencies the coaches will remind the players about in the film room on Tuesday. Of course I enjoyed another exciting win but I might run out of heart medicine before the end of the season so I’m hoping for a little less drama with the Vikes next week.

    • Jeff

      8-0 , so much wrong……
      Gates does this to everyone when he is heathy.
      For everyone’s information , must teams coming off a bye have lost this year.
      The bottom line is wins.
      I remember a game last year when we dominated the Patriots on their home field but lost.
      Yardage does not mean anything , points do.
      When we had the 21 pont lead we gave up 27 points up to that time to a Charger offense that does light it up at home.
      I just keep saying , if people want to look for nit picking flawas with this team, what should we say about them teams who are supposed to be the ones in that next tier like the Steelers , Patriots , Ravens, now those teams have real flaws.

  • Monkeon

    I guess being 8-0 and still having a bitch fest makes you all happy

    • Jeff

      No kidding ! What a bunch of freakin losers , people like this will never be happy in anything they do , they sound like a bunch of whiny grade shoolers.

  • Anyone know what Rodgers passer rating was in this game? Stupid Billick kept downplaying it, and probably requested it not be shown.

    • Found it – 145.8. Rodgers is just awesome.

  • Jeff

    Here is what gets me, a few misguided people say the defense will cost us , at the same time you are implying that someone will stop this offense in the playoffs, in your dreams.
    THis Packer team I said in the summer on a bad day would score 30 points ( and some of you had the nerve to say I was wrong about that ). If we score 30 a game on a bad day , nobody is scoring 31 on us at Lambeau , and before any lightweights tell me the Saints, the Saints do not score alot of points in bad weather games.
    Now that I think about it , the same people in the summer of 2010 kept saying how bad our defense was going to be but when we got to mid November I did not hear that anymore.

  • Jeff

    I am going to enjoy my 8-0 Packers knowing that we are going to repeat , some of you people can chose to bit-h and moan and ruin this whole season , this team is going to have a great Christmas season and you can either enjoy it or waste it away.
    Ok , for the ones who want to say the defense is bad , stay with it but dont change in December because I will call out the none believers , Let’s not forget the Packers got healthy in December defensively on 3 weak offenses teams like the Lions , Giants and Bears but it was all they needed to propel thenselves, the same is going to happen in these 2 upcoming games. settle down and enjoy.

    • I Luv Brats

      Amen to that brother!

      • Jeff

        We think alike LUV BRATS and it is the right way.

    • Sorry, but the defense is bad right now, and they don’t seem to be improving. In December if the defense is better I will say they got better and they are good. But I won’t change my position that at least through week 8, they were bad. Here’s hoping they can find ways to improve, or they will be in trouble once they start playing the NFL’s best teams in the playoffs.

  • I Luv Brats

    OMG… McCarthy! Fire Capers! Get rid of the whole defense! Bench Rodgers because he holds on to the ball too long!!

    Stop your whining! It’s not like we were almost beaten by some crap team. It’s the Chargers. How good was our defense in the first half of last year? They were playing like crap. How good was our defense during the stretch and throughout the playoffs? Totally unstoppable.

    The same thing’s going to happen this year. Mark my words

    • Jeff

      Love it I luv Brats !!!!!! About time someone sees this all for what it is.
      I can not believe that these people forget that the defense was not good until late November last year.
      People have got to give the Chargers some credit , they are known to make big comebacks at home and complete them , they did not complete it against us.
      You are right , the same thing will happen this year.

      • I Luv Brats

        The key to that is keeping Rodgers healthy.

    • Skyler

      Totally agree. But… 16 -0, 15-1, 14-2. It will not matter. The playoffs is all about complete balanced ball. With little to no pass rush, guys missing assignments, and poor overall coverage, it will be a challenge to win a playoff game. Rodgers is MVP this season. The D needs to step up and improved come playoff time.

      • I Luv Brats

        Ask and you shall receive.

        It happened last year and it will happen again. Bank on it.

        • Rick

          Shudders at flashback thought of a Rocky70 comment…..

        • dave76

          LOL Rick, that’s eerie!

    • The way I remember it, it was the Packers’ OFFENSE that was bad in the first half of last year, not the defense. Matthews was a sack machine. We had 3 shut-down corners. Week 8 of last year we SHUT OUT the Jets. This is not last year.

  • Jeff

    Packer defense will get it going with a 30-16 win against Minnesota and a 30-12 win against Tampa.

    • dave76

      You predicted the same Viking score last time and disappeared because you were wrong. No more predictions please, some of them are out in left field and you aren’t half as smart as you may think you are or you would be coaching in the NFL. Sorry when your pass D is 31st, you need to improve it. You forgot when #12 was knocked out last year, we lost to the Patriots and Lions in back to back to back games. Collins was a huge loss and Burnett playing with a cast on his hand doesn’t help. Get a grip Jeff, there is always room for improvement even when we are 8-0!! Go Packers!!

  • I Luv Brats

    Lambeau is going to be rockin’ next Monday!

  • Jeff, why don’t you see things the way they are? You sound like you’re afraid to face up to the truth. We can’t get enough pass rush with what we have and Caper’s blitzes are leaving us open to getting burned. We had a huge problem like this last year at RB and were very lucky Starks was able to step in. Do you see anyone on the roster who’s going to replace Jenkins, I don’t. We’ve improved every part of our team this year but there’s one gaping hole and until that’s fixed we’re the Colts. Totally dependent on one man playing flawlessly.

    • I Luv Brats

      So all of the Packers’ defensive woes is because Jenkins is no longer with us??

      The Packers will have a defensive turnaround just like last year

  • Larry

    Mark your last 2 sentences says it all…the defense is terrible and given the back half of the schedule the blueprint will be laid to beat this team in the playoffs. Near perfect offense gets us a 7 point win…sooner or later Rodgers will have a bad day. Losing a couple over the next 8 games isn’t the end of the world but this is not a deep playoff defense as it stands.

    Hopefully it gets turned around.

  • I Luv Brats

    The Colts have depended on Manning for years. The Packers are depending on Rodgers for 8 games now.

    There’s a huge difference.

    The Packers will turn it around.

  • iccyfan

    Mark says: “Do you see anyone on the roster who’s going to replace Jenkins, I don’t. We’ve improved every part of our team this year but there’s one gaping hole”

    The calmer more pragmatic fans are patiently awaiting the return of Mike Neal in hopes he can generate some pass rush from the line.

    We’re the undefeated defending Superbowl Champions; targets on the front and back of our jerseys, we’re gonna get every teams best shot! Relax, there’re going to be more games like this one (just like last year). It’s not reasonable to expect this team to be perfect (in record, personnel, game-planning, anything!). The ’96 team had the #1 rated offense and the #1 rated defense, yet lost three games on their way to a title. That ’96 defense gave up 30 points in a loss to the (eventually 9-7) Vikings. The ’11 defense gave up 35 points in a win at what I project as the division-winning Chargers.

    I have hopes the defense will tighten up, but I’ll stop short of guaranteeing it like Jeff & Brats. In the mean time, I’m just going to enjoy the SPECIAL season that’s unfolding in front of us. If we can continue to avoid major injuries (Collins & Clifton are enough!) and turnovers, it just might turn out to be SPECIAL…

    • AATP

      Amen, ICCY… I think you summed it up well…

    • AATP

      I’d also like to add that the Chargers are no slouch – maybe more Jekyl and Hyde… They had a huge chip on their shoulder this week and weren’t going down without a fight… We saw when Rivers is on and when he is off all in one game… We took our opportunities and got three picks. We let them run up and down the field but three key take-aways by our defense definitely showed that they are very opportunistic regardless of yards allowed. I’m less worried than most of you on here – when they start tightening up a little you’ll see total defensive domination, just like last year. We lost some key players but it’s really no different than last year. I expect we’ll have a bad game or three, I almost embrace a loss so this team understands what it feels like to lose and bounce back but I’m going to enjoy every win regardless…

      • I Luv Brats

        Amen to that!

    • Totally correct, Iccy.

    • Deek

      For my 2 cents worth, put Raji back at NT, let’s see what Vic So’To (sp) has to offer at ROLB and Mike Neal at RDE.

  • Pierre

    Those who have pointed out Woodson’s poor declining play is becoming more alarming are spot on; this is not a good sign. He literally sustained two SD drives with penalties in coverage. His picks and reputation give him a pass with many, but the downside has to be considered also with how many plays he is missing in coverage and penalties. Time catches up with everyone and lack of speed versus the experience factor is an issue with him. When you gamble, and go for picks too much , you get burned and give up the big play. Capers may have to change the way he does things also, as all QBs seem to have “career” days against the Packer defense; even rookie QBs. Sure the wins are nice but with the talent on D this team has, you gotta think they could cause a few punts a game and some sacks against the opposition. Defense was playing like they were not even on the field against the SD offense and it is scary bad. To expect more than the 31st ranked defense is not unreasonable, a desire to want the Pak to improve. As far as future draft picks being considered by GB, they should all be defensive positions, especially DBs.

    • iccyfan

      Gates is a load and mismatch, much like our own Finley. The Packers did try just about everybody on him; Bishop couldn’t keep him from going outside – Zombo & CMIII didn’t have a chance! Woodson isn’t big enough to muscle with Gates, though he gamely tried without success. Last thought – Gates gets many calls he doesn’t deserve. When he gets them, the Chargers thrive; when he doesn’t (like the KC game), they don’t.

  • I Luv Brats

    One of those penalties on Woodson was a bogus call.

    • I thought so too Brats. Uncatchable ball with both players handfighting. I thought Woodson did ok in the game but a lot was being asked of him with Burnett playing one handed and an inferior rush.

    • 4205

      Gates always has done a good job of drawing bogus calls and yesterday was no different. The only one that was really bad was the one he simply stopped and let Woodson run into him while the pass was thrown as if would keep running. Seemed it was overthrown either way so the only chance he had was to stop and not try to catch it….the refs bought it and kept the drive alive.

      There was a lot of hand fighting and grabbing going on by both teams, but Woodson gets called more than others – he is apparently not a favorite of the refs at all.

  • AATP

    I didn’t understand how Peprah and Williams were constantly getting torched by the same play over and over again… it appeared to me that Williams didn’t trust Peprah to do his job even though they were communicating up till the snap of the ball… THAT is one thing Capers has to get a handle on… The veterans NEED to trust that these fill in guys can get the job done… Williams got burned cause he cut his coverage to help out on the short route instead of covering the guy running to the end zone. Williams is trying to do too much instead of playing sound football. Bishop just wasn’t a match for Gates – Gates and Finley are much the same beast – fast and hard to cover no matter who you are. One way or another they’ll always have the edge and Gates AND Finley proved that yesterday. GB fared well in this shootout IMHO.

  • Reid

    I can’t believe this team hasn’t won every game 56-0 with 8 perfectly executed time-consuming drives for TD (2 per quarter in each game, no more, no less), and causing a 3-and-out for the other team on every possession in every game. They suck, we need to fire all the coaches and get some different players unless this improves NOW!!! There is no way we will be any better than 15-1 or 14-2 this year. This team in awful, we have no chance to repeat.

    • I Luv Brats

      oh the irony of it all!

  • Rick

    In response to Pierre and others about the defense.

    In the zone blitz schemes used yesterday Capers switched Bishop to a man coverage on Gates. When he had troubles because Walden/Zombo could not execute the OLB blitz assignments he removed them to more coverage then Bishop kept messing up his zone assignment and released from Gates to soon on the release to the Saefty.

    After that Capers put Bishop more in the Blitz calls. Notice how much more effective the blitz became in the 4th quarter. The down side is Woodson was then flipped to take on Gates. Woodson was flagged by two major pass interference flags.

    However watching the plays Gates aggressively attacked Woodson to creat seperation. This was unfortunate for Woodson as the 4th-2 flag was a gross injustice but when Gates checked up and Woodson ran into the back of Gates that was purely incedental contact.
    That said Gates found an edge and kept at it.

    If other teams want to get into shoot outs with Green Bay just remember that, other then the Warner led Cardinals in the playoffs 2009 and the Steelers shoot out 3 games before that in 2009, it has not been a great way to beat the Packers. As the weather gets sloppy and Howard Green and the run stuffers can rotate in to deal with more bad weather grounded attacks you will see a progression in the defense.

    After it is all said and doen though in the end the Game is either a W or an L. (Except for one time when McNabb forgot the overtime rules and a Tie resulted)

  • The past is just that, thepast. We’re 8-0, nothing changes it regardless of the stats so lets move on. As you know, I always dwell on the match-ups and don’t pay too much attention to the records or stats. HOWEVER;
    We have MIN w/ the ever present Peterson and Shiancoe although at home………BUCS, forget it, they only have Winslow, who isn’t compared to Gonzo anymore. BUT, do not pass over the game last year, OOPs. DET, twice, but without Best their O like so many that taunt us is a huge WR and a really good TE in Pettigrew. Pettigrew is not elite, but he does have as many catches as Johnson, but not the yards. Most TEs don’t but they move the chains. I do not think they can beat us in a shoot out, ala, Chargers. OAK; without Best they’re nothing. KC is 4-4 in a weak Div w/ just average play. CHI, well, you never know what to expect from Forte and oh my, their D always shows up against us.
    I think the biggest factor in the way to the SB is the home field advantage we will have. And, do not forget that those last two games are home against DET and CHi. We win, going away, and Capers will figure this out.

  • Pierre

    There are more teams playing the 3-4 defense now and offensive coordinators have definitely figured out Caper’s defensive schemes and that’s why even rookies like Ponder and Newton at QB are able to have good success moving the football against GB. It has a lot to do with not getting an effective pass rush. They do miss Jenkins being a threat to the opposing QBs. from the defensive line position. Maybe…and a big maybe…Neal can get healthy enough for December games and give some significant pass rush the Packers need to help the secondary out and get more stops of the opposition.

  • Larry

    Luv the chatter and I agree that 8-0 is nothing to sneeze at. Jenkins, Collins and Burnett”s left hand are missed. Woodson is in decline but still better than most teams #3 or #2. Unless Neal can push the pocket we’re going to have to outscore the opponent.

    The next 8 are tougher than the first 8 and we’ll see if Capers can compensate for the lack of pass rush and “communication” errors.

  • Mel E Mel

    Really its pretty simple. The Packers are a big play offense and big play defense. The rules favor the offense so it is advisable that your offense should be your strong suit. A SD RT tackled a blitzing OLB on one of SDs TDs. The Packers offense played with one hand behind its back last year (No Finley, Grant or even Starks till the playoffs) MM would have to throttle things down greatly but I would rather see Grant and Starks grinding games out with 2 and 3 touchdown leads. Two TE sets I formation etc. I think the formula will change once the weather changes Go Pack.