Packers-Vikings Game Blog

Almost game time. I’ll say Packers 30-24. Vikings have been talking trash all week, hope the Packers were listening.

7:46 PM: Randall Cobb and prime time go hand in hand! 80-yard punt return! Are you kidding me?

7:54 PM: Defense off to good start but Rodgers drops the ball on the first snap and forced to run on the second. Vikings defense came to play too.

8:02 PM: Offense a little sloppy, too much pressure on Rodgers, no running game. No matter, Rodgers to Jennings and 14-0 Packers. Come on defense, keep it up!

8:08 PM: Real defense back on the field. Vikings right back in it.

8:18 PM: That looked like a sure touchdown drive the Vikings and they got nothing. Woodson is the Brett Favre on defense. Either giving up a big play or making one. Thanks to a false start penalty still 14-0. But offense only had the ball twice in the first quarter.

8:28 PM: Packers’ offensive line is getting schooled. This has to be fixed and soon!

8:30 PM: Got three anyway. Feels shaky though. Offensive line is in shambles and on defense blitz not getting home. I know, they still have a goose egg up there, but they still need to get that fixed. We don’t want them hanging around.
8:41 PM: Packers get a pick but a horrible set of downs by the offense. Rodgers is rattled by the Vikings’ pass rush. I think he has lost faith in the line’s ability to keep him clean. I think we need two more TD’s to secure this game, it’s going to be tough. Couple of more turnovers by the defense would be nice.

8:51 PM: Defense holds but offense is pinned. Very dangerous. Almost a safety but Starks saves the day. Now take a shot but don’t make a mistake to let them back in it. I wouldn’t mind if they run it out.

8:59 PM: Terrible mistake by Starks by running out of bounds. Any points the Vikings get are his fault.

9:01 PM: Defense bails him out.

9:26 PM: Nice methodical drive, getting the ball out quick on short passes and the Packers march 70 yards for a 24-0 lead. We need one more unless the defense can finish it like they did against St. Louis last month

9:35 PM: Defense did its job Cobb gave the Vikings a touchdown but muffing a punt. Inexcusable. The Vikings have life they never should have had and all of a sudden the momentum shifts. Pressure on offense now to bail him out.

9:43 PM: Got my two TDs, we should be in good shape. Problem is they came so fast the Vikings have time to answer, but the offense’s adjustments have slowed the Vikings rush to a crawl. The offense should be able to score again.

9:59 PM: Starting the 4th quarter with the lead again. But sacked on 3rd and 12, oops, penalty on the Vikings. Score here and sit Rodgers down.

10:19 PM: What a second half performance by the Packers. 28 points, including a nice drive by Matt Flynn. I’m out of ways to describe this offense. How does that feel Jared Allen?

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  • Kevin

    Not Today!!! For the Queens

  • Kevin

    Might see Flynn Tonight

  • I Luv Brats

    Fire McCarthy! Bench Rodgers!! The Packers are only up 14-0!

    Oh the horrors of it all!!!!!!

    • Just Asking

      Fire MM REALLY! I hope you are just kidding

      • I Luv Brats

        I meant to say…. Fire the whole GB coaching staff!!!


  • Kevin

    Allen really messing with Rodgers head

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Bulaga best O-lineman this year so far, Wells second. Looks like Sherrod will be the next Packer left tackle. Newhouse seems to have trouble operating his hands and feet at the same time. But alot of stunts tonight and that falls on their brains….. and they aren’t thinking too well tonight.

  • I Luv Brats

    Bench Woodson!

    • sammy


  • I Luv Brats

    LOL…..what a total beatdown that was. Jared Allen can take that mixer of his and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!

  • Great win But I’m a little bothered it might be like the Saints who won 62-7 at home vs a bad Colt team then lost the next week at the Rams. The press is going to really ramp up the 16-0 stuff and #12 is getting the #4 overhype that had everyone hoping he would get taken down. Cobb fumbled, Jennings and Woodson dropped passes. Allen got a couple of sacks but overall we look to have come out of the bye in good shape. I also really liked Flynn coming in at the end of the game and doing well.

    • BTW about overhype, I remember a story Starr told about being late for an award presentation and yelling at his wife and dog. I think it was the man of the year award that’s now named for him. I hope #12 can put the hype in perspective like Starr did.

      • I might have screwed Starr’s humorous story up. He was making fun of himself and the saintly image the press gave him.

  • I Luv Brats

    I’m willing to bet everything that I own that the Packers will smack down the Bucs next week.

  • Mel E Mel

    Brats I live in Tampa and I am with you Houston dominated them minus their best defender and WR.

  • CWO3

    Way to go Pack! Defense keep playing with the intensity you all did tonight and there will definitely be another Lombardi Trophy added this year!

  • Larry

    Rick, it seems you got your wish aplenty…I’ll send you my wish list, any help would be appreciated!!

    Even with Tampa is the playoff hunt, RJ Stadium will be awash in G & G. I spent some Sundays at a local Packer bar down there…really good people!

    • Rick


    • I Luv Brats

      Where’s the Packers bar?? I was in the Tampa/Clearwater area for vacation back in August.

  • Larry

    OOPS..we play Tampa at home…my bad!

    • Jeff

      Tampa has only won 2 times ever in Lambeau, it was against a very bad injury depleated Packer team in 2005 and the Packers still would have won in spite of Longwell missing and extra point and 2 field goals , the other was the opener in 1989 when we wore the white jerseys at home.
      This will be a 37-9 Packer blowout , Tampa’s offense is bad and on the road they are even worse , I look for Starks to go over 120 yards against the Bucs who are very soft in the middle.
      The Buc recceivers are not good , the Packers secondaryy will continue to gain confidence , they just need to keep and eye on Winslow.
      Paypack time for when we blew a big lead in Tampa against the winless Bucs in 2009 in Josh Freeman’s first ever start.

  • Deek

    I over-heard a very strange cell phone call, waiting for the GBP players to leave the stadium, last night.

    Someone answered: “Hello”

    Caller: “Hello this is Canton, Ohio calling, is Mr Charles Woodson available?”

    “This is Charles.”

    Caller: “Could you tell me your BUST SIZE!”

    Very Strange….


    Done with Jared Allen until next season when hopefully we’ll pick up some young protection or our current protection gets better. Loved that the D kept Peterson to 51 yards and the qb to under 200 yards. Hopefully this is a sign that the D is starting to wake up, definately a good practice game for them. I also love how the Packers seem to run the Grant mostly in the first half, then in the second half when the opposing defense is a little beaten down, they unleash Starks who by the middle of the 3rd quarter still has fresh legs and is a bit of a bruizing runner himself to a lesser extent than Peterson.

    • Jeff

      Jared Allen is a loser , he never recorded a sack against Chad Clifton even when he was in Kansas City and he is going to gloat after every play against a learning rookie tackle , Newhouse will be a better player from now on after having to put up with that punk for 2 games.

  • sammy

    Does anyone know if Woodson’s knee if o.k.? Can’t lose him.

  • sammy

    is o.k. I meant…sorry for the typo

  • I think you can relax a little GBDEFAN. Bulaga and Sherrod are our last two first rounders. Bulaga is working out and so will Sherrod. In the meantime, after a very rocky start, Newhouse is getting better every game going against the prevailing best rusher on every team. Lang is the one I worry about. But, think of Sitton, Wells, Bulaga, Lang, Newhouse, and or Sherrod in the future maturing along with Arod and Starks. Looks like TT might have found a vein on the OL like he did with the WRs. AND, look at the ages of the WRs as well. Pretty solid for awhile I’d say.

    • Forgot to include the stable of TEs…………!

  • Jeff

    Now do you non believers get it now ??? Last year the defensive turned around started in November against this same Viking team when the Packers allowed them only 3 points in the dome , Williams had a key interception in that game too.
    I told you Capers was holding things close to the vest, I guess he got tired if people who know nothing about football saying his defense was bad because it gives up yardage, Steve Young and Trent Dilfer see it like I do , they both said so what if the defense gives up yardage at this time because most teams are playing from way behind against the Packers and they have to throw on almost every play.
    Everyone has to remember that this is an offensive league now and the Rams and Saints have both won super bowls with a great offense and a defense that forced turnovers.
    I hope everyone gets it that this defense just has to take away 2 other the other team’s possesions every game , but now the defense will do even more than that now , they will hold Tampa to 10 or less and they will be on their way.

  • Jeff

    Remember in 1996 we did not run the ball much in the Super Bowl winning year until Holmgren let Edgar Bennett and Dorsey Levens run alot more when we got to December ? This team will do the same thing with Starks, he is like trying to tackle a bowling ball and that will really pay off when the weather gets cold , McCarthy is just waiting for the right time. Plus , with teams trying to get a handle on Starks , we then show them the cut back runner Ryan Grant.
    The key to stopping an idiot like Jared Alen is runnung Starks right at him , then running Grant away from him , then you have the unstoppable play action with Rodgers and the gang.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Missed it by 1……. damn! Couldn’t use my generic pick of 35 figuring Caper’s would turn them loose after all the flack in the media, so that would be more opportunities for the offense, um….. how about 44? Using the “blind squirrel/acorn” axiom figured I’d better give the Vikes 7. Was originally thinking 0 for the Vikings but Cobb helped w/the blind squirrel thing.

    Couple things I’m thinking……..
    One, I don’t know if Cullen Jenkin’s agent kept TT out of the contract talks or TT had no interest in them, but you’d have to think about now, Cullen would rather be making that 5 mil/year (or even 4 mil./yr.) w/the Pack than w/the “Dream Team”.

    Second, all this talk about an undefeated season….. who cares??? That’ll all sort itself out the same as awards. The “72” Dolphin’s feat is pretty impressive but 3 Superbowls is a feat way beyond. Three years is a long, long, long time to hold it together. Undefeated has been done and has had teams knocking on it’s door as of late. If the 2010-2012 Packers want to do something that is a first, then they need to win three SuperBowls in a row. And if an undefeated season happens during this process, so be it.

    The Pack already stole the SuperBowl, that by rights, they shouldn’t have even been there with the amount of injuries they had. Now the odds should be in their favor health-wise and if they can do back-to-back (which has been accomplished a few times already) SuperBowl championships, they’ll have made history. Alot of players in their prime, stud QB and a top-notch coaching staff. I worry for the coaching staff next year…….. I hope we can keep’em.

    • Packer’s Advocate

      Add: Belicheat “and his magical tape recorder” already had back-to-backs (w/the help of the “magical tuck rule” when he started having coaches leave. My question is: Why would they? If they’re getting offers after two SuperBowl wins, I’d imagine they’d have even more offers if they added a third in a row…..

      • Rick

        Monte Kiffin is one of the only top coordinators that realized he was not cut out to be a head coach. Most want to be the big cheese even if they really arent cut out for it. Capers has tried and fallen on his face twice. He is not that interested in doing it again this late in his career. That is a positive for MM to have a solid upper echelon coordinator that is not looking to jump ship.