Does one game mean the D is back?

The Green Bay Packers’ defense for one game looked like the shutdown defense it was during last year’s playoff run. This game was better than the St. Louis game in which they only gave up three points. The Rams basically killed themselves in that game.

Against the Vikings the Packers were flying around with reckless abandon and instead of relying on turnovers, they made stops. After giving up a few early third down conversions, the Packers put the clamps on Vikings for the rest of the game.

The question now is can they sustain it? I’m sure you saw the poll question about the defense and I must say I’m a C – ask me Thanksgiving night. Thorn in the side Tampa Bay comes to town this week and the Packers never seem to fair well against the Bucs.

I’m not worried about the Packers getting up for a game like the Vikings’ game, Monday Night Football, division opponent, but getting up to face the Bucs with a huge game against Detroit four days later does worry me a little.

That is why if the defense is indeed back, it couldn’t have come at a better time. It was the defense that broke down two years ago in Tampa when the Packers lost to the winless Bucs. The Packers had no answer for Josh Freeman that day. Sunday would be a great day to redeem themselves against the struggling Freeman.

That was then and this is now and currently we have two teams going in different directions. The Bucs got blown out last week and even though they have played a tough schedule they have been wildly inconsistent. If the Packers’ defense plays the same as they did Monday my worries will be short lived.

As good as Aaron Rodgers and the offense is, I think it will be the Packers’ defense that keys a successful title defense. The weather is going to get worse and the cushion the offense has been giving is going to shrink.

Beat the Bucs and Lions and I change my vote to A.

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  • Match ups, again. BUCs have a 250 RB and a 275 FB and not much else. Freeman’s WRs wouldn’t make our 53 man roster. That leaves Winslow who has not been ranked as a top TE since he left CLE. Pack at home in this one – done!
    Their D is worse. Leader being a rookie with only 3 sacks (their sack leader too). Only 6-3, 281 who I say Newhouse will handle after what he has been thru since he started starting.
    Freeman, who killed us in his first start, hasn’t been the same since. 61% comp rate and only 9 TDs to 13 INTs. Your “C” becomes an “A” before the half…………!

  • iccyfan

    This “three games in eleven days” is kind of like eating a Hostess Cupcake purchased from a vending machine. Beating the Vikings was like eating the frosting off the top – sweet. Playing the Bucs is taking a couple bites of artificially preserved chocolate cake (boring) before we get to the cream-filling (Lions)!

    The Buccaneers are reeling, losers of four of their last five games. While they appear capable with victories over both New Orleans and Atlanta, they rarely show up on the road. I’m just not excited about this game – hope the Packers have a better approach to it than I do!

    • dave76

      Cupcake, LOL

    • I’m lovin’ it iccy!

    • Rick

      Awesome analogy iccy!!

  • Larry

    I’m hoping its not much of a game and we see subs in the 3rd again. The real challenge is Detroit , not a creme-puff (see above) IMO.

    • Reid

      Amen, Larry. And 3 games in 11 days is not true now. We only had to play 3/4 of a game Monday, if that. Smother the Bucs early and often Sunday and only play 3/4 again and it’s just 2 1/2 games in 11 days….hahaha.

    • Besides, we went to school on a 4-3 last week. The last time we went up against Haynesworth (TENN) Raji out played him………….!

  • In view of the fact that its kind of hard to whip a lot of excitement on the next game I’m revisisting a subject that Rick brought up not to long ago……..Hmm, talk about run-ons.
    After thinking some more about the prospects of our YOUNG OLmen, I coming around to the “draft a Quarterback” school with our #32.
    One could well build a case for an OLB or a DE given the ages and capability of our WRs, TEs, RBs, and DBs. However, when we last talked about the draft I gathered that most of YOU (I’m not in that group) thought than Flynn was going to walk. Further, I got the impression that a lot of YOU are not particularily enamored with him in the first place.
    While non of us can really know what he is really worth due to lack of playing time, whats wrong with trying to groom a journeyman backup ala Zeke? Granted Zeke was a starter before he became a backup, but he and Bart were like two peas in a pod as I recall.
    I feel TT is very capable in finding that kind of kid who would like to be part of a dynasty, that given our roster age, could last for quite a while.

    • Packer’s Advocate

      Well, LarryAZ, I’d have taken Flynn over Kolb in a heartbeat if I were the Cards. We also have Graham Harrell on the PS, looks like he could be decent w/some time and he’s even being paid some extra $ cause they want to keep him around. Spent my 2 cents already about picking a QB at 1.

      • Rick

        Harrell is servicable but IS NOT a starting calibre NFL QB. He is improving though. Flynn maybe the long term solution depending on the market. If the market is weak then he is an affordable back up that knows the system and be ready when needed.

        My thought is that again Green Bay has a teaching coaching staff and solid players on the roster. Bring in the best rookies available and work with them so they are ready when the time comes. That allows great quality in the starters and depth due to injury or free agency. I do not eliminate a position because of current strengths. Players get hurt in the NFL.

        • Amen, they certainly can destroy a team………! Indy, come to mind? Their RB, QB, and top DB all in the space of months.

  • Larry

    TT does seem to follow BPA as Rick helped to confirm with the 2011 draft. If a QB fits, TT would probably jump. But in 2012 I’m thinking he’ll alter his ways A LITTLE. In my view, given the age/contract we’ll need to replace Grant, Clifton and Driver with a developmental player, assuming their replacements are on the roster in Sherrod/Newhouse, Green, and Cobb.

    At 32 what historically has been available is the 5th or 6th O-tackle, the fourth or fifth QB, 3rd or 4th RB, and the 6th or 7th WO. Other than OT, Ted has done wonders filling the other offensive spots later in the draft.

    I’m guessing OLB, ILB or corner in round 1 and 2. I’m also watching DT for someone slipping. Virtually any offensive player taken will be sitting but the D needs help.

    • Packer’s Advocate

      I’m sure Rick has noticed that some 2012 mock drafts are already out. Wonder if he’s getting his ready?

      As for the draft from my perspective, we’re picking defense. There is not one spot on offense for anyone, w/o letting a good older player go. If Driver isn’t back, Tory Gurly will be joining the group. No room at TE. No room at RB (unless Grant isn’t back). No room at OT either, unless Clifton isn’t back. G is good, as well as C. Can use some depth and future starters for those two spots (mid to later rounds). Only problem w/picking D is that it tends to get picked over in round 1 the most. We can use about one of everything there…… w/my choice being the same as it’s been for awhile, a stud LB opposite our stud LB, CMIII. But really the Pack is pretty well set, as 9-0 kind of shows us. TT’s really got this team pretty well set up, player-wise and future pick-wise. That’s why I’ve been looking at bigger things than an undefeated season. I think they’re capable of more. But time will win out eventually and the team will fall back to mediocrity. Physics has a formula for it. I just hope this group of Packers can accomplish something special and historic before that happens. ANd while it has this group of coaches.

  • Double speak, guys? Most agree that its an Offense game now, but most seem to want to go Defense big time. Here we go BPA v. need again. Hell, who really knows what TT knows?

  • roy jamison

    Johnny won’t be so Jolly in Jail.