Scary game on tap today

I wonder what line Mike McCarthy is using this week to get his team ready for another inferior opponent. So far he has been able to get the Packers focused week in and week out, but this might be his toughest test so far. The Bucs are sandwiched between two division games and have given the Packers’ fits for years.

Maybe McCarthy is using the ugly loss in Tampa two years ago as motivation, maybe he is preaching the don’t be looking ahead to the Lions angle, whatever it is, I hope it works. The Bucs had a rough week media-wise and are going to be trying to shut people up today.

Tampa has the second worst defense in the NFL, so naturally, the Packers will probably struggle on offense today. I think the Packers’ defense needs to keep trending in the right direction. If that happens the Packers should win handily. But I think it will be a tough game, and the questions on defense will remain for another week. Packers 23, Bucs 20.

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  • I Luv Brats

    Packers 23 Bucs 20?? I’m thoroughly convinced you only say such silly things to get the rest of us all riled up.

    I say it’s Packers 38 Bucs 13.

    If the score’s closer to your prediction, I’ll come back here and eat my words.

    • Although you can’t judge by the final score, Al was right about how close this game was.

  • @dev_eq

    I agree AL. Total trap game today

    • iccyfan

      When you’re undefeated, they’re all trap games…

  • 4205

    It will be about intensity – if the Bucs get a good start, and they likely will – it will be a close game. Maybe not quite as close as a field goal, I’ll say TB gets a late touchdown to close within six points – 27 – 21.

  • Jeff

    Like a scaed little baby , you say this game is scary ? This just proves that you can never be a confident fan of a world championship team. Act like we are the best ( which we are ).
    Packers 33 – Buccaneers 13

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Caper’s will be using the next 7 games to get his D where he wants them. Expect good results against a team not playing real well right now to keep and build the momentum for the post-season. I’ll go w/my standard 35 – and would be surprised if the Bucs even get to 10 in Lambeau Field!! For that matter, the Pack should get to 35 by the end of the 3rd quarter give or take…

  • Jeff

    Before any mellon heads start on the defense , Capers has had 3 games in 11 days to prepare fore , can not prepare for all of them equally , it was clear that he wanted to show more of the playbook on national TV against the Vikings and he knows he needs to prepare for Detroit , the Buc game was the disregarded step child because there was no way Tampa would score enough to beat us , once against like I always say we even on a slow day will score 30 and we did against today with 35 , Tampa no way in the world was scoring 30 here , The bottom line is Tampa never had a chance to take the lead in this game on a posession.
    Tampa has always played close games in Lambeau , I hope you recall that when we won it all in 1996 Tampa lost a close one here by 3 and Tampa was still bad, in 1997 we beat them twice in Lambeau be close 21-16 scores and 21-7.
    Good teams win games like this.
    As far as the Lions , they gave up 35 at home to a bad team with a rookie QB and they only won because Newton had 4 picks , Rodgers is not throwin 4 picks.
    If we have a slow day in Detroit we will still score 30 but it is looking more like 40 , Detroit is not putting 49 on us . Stands to reason that the coaching staff did not give their all in this game because Mike Neal was active for this game and did not play , that peoves my point right there that they have put more into the Lion game than the Bucs games.
    Wow , is that over rated Frisco team having trouble at home against a bad Arizona team , I told you that the Frisco offense is very shoddy.

    • dave76

      49ers dominated. What game were you watching?