Packers-Chiefs Game Blog

The Packers put their undefeated record on the line in about three hours against a terrible Kansas City Chiefs team that should be out of the game by halftime. But that is only on paper. I think Mike McCarthy will have to do dome of his best coaching today to keep the Packers focused on what is really the equivalent of a preseason game.

The Packers have very little to play for other than to officially claim home field advantage throughout the playoffs, but how big of a motivation factor is that when they won the Super Bowl last by playing three road games just to get to the big game.

In the betting circles this is the ultimate “don’t make sense pick”. There is absolutely no way the Chiefs should keep the game close. Yet somehow they do. I’ll say Packers 31, Chiefs 21.

12:12 PM: Wow! Packers let the Chiefs march right down the field on their first drive, thankfully they only got three. Pathetic performance though by the defense to start out with. Let’s see what Aaron Rodgers can do now.

12:19 PM: Finley couldn’t catch a cold. If they keep him it will be a big mistake. Guy is a head case and not as good as advertised.

12:27 PM: Offense off to a horrible start as well. This might be day we didn’t come ready to play. Crosby misses two kicks in a row and the Chiefs have great field position. Could be a long day today, but who cares? Steelers will beat the 49ers tomorrow night.

12:33PM: Packers’ defense is back to its usual self. If the Chiefs could score TDs we would be in trouble. Come on offense, get your stuff together now.

12:41 PM: Two bad calls on Jordy, officials took their payola this week. Three and out by the Packers’ offense coming up.

12:49 PM: I’ve never seen so many dropped balls in one game in my life. Just get Rodgers out of there and move on. Why risk it?

12:56 PM: This is by far the worst the defense has looked all year, and that’s saying something. They are letting Kyle Orton pick them apart. Our first loss has the makings of a blowout.

12:59 PM: Well, they got it out of their system. I think it takes the pressure off. Now we can focus on the real task at hand and that is the Super Bowl.

1:07 PM: Even Rodgers isn’t sharp today. This is really ugly.

1:22 PM: That was easily the worst half of football this year by the Packers. Amazingly only down six. Told you McCarthy was going to have to do some coaching today.

1:37 PM: Cobb at QB? Knock off the high school stuff and run your offense.

1:51 PM: Signs of life by the offense. Finley actually caught a pass, then celebrated like an idiot. DD with the touchdown catch. 7-6 Pack.

1:57 PM: Defense lets them right back in it. Chiefs are not quitting yet.

2:25 PM: I guess any other week the defense would be getting credit for keeping them out of the end zone. But today the offense can’t get going. I’m ok with a loss today, next week the questions from the media will be cut in half, and if Pittsburgh does indeed beat the 49ers tomorrow we can rest the last two weeks. So it’s all good.

2:32 PM: Now we should really pull Rodgers, why get him killed?

2:47 PM: Game over. The players were not ready to play today. That’s how you get injuries like we have today and that is how you get beat. 13-1 is still great. Go Steelers!

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