Might be a long climb back

I won’t be over this loss for a long time. It was clearly the worst the team has played since Mike McCarthy became coach. Dom Capers should be relieved of his duties tomorrow and Ted Thompson needs to make it clear to McCarthy that this can’t happen again. McCarthy is the one preaching accountability all the time and the time is now. I hope Thompson is working on his “short list” of replacements should the Packers go 5-11 next year.

I don’t care what Aaron Rodgers says, the Packers didn’t lose to a better team today. The Packers lost one game going in, the Giants lost seven. Maybe it’s the new math or something. What Rodgers should have said was they lost to the better prepared team, the more fired up team, the team that wanted it most.

One of the greatest seasons in Packers’ history is followed by one of the worst. And it might be the start of a long slide. The Detroit Lions will certainly be the favorites to win the NFC North next year and with a healthy Jay Cutler the Bears should be solid second. Even with the worst defense in NFL history (a fact, by the way), the Packers should be able to hold off the Vikings for third place.

So as eloquently as Ron Wolf put it back in 1998, the Packers are just a “fart in the wind.” At least Favre made it to two Super Bowls. Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all.

Can’t wait for opening day. At least we know now it will be on a Sunday.

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