Coaching shakeup, free agency

Not that I am overly concerned or anything but I did find the Packers’ coaching changes a little curious. After all, they have a tight ends coach coaching quarterbacks, a quarterbacks coach coaching running backs and a running backs coach coaching tight ends.

It seems weird that Alex Van Pelt would be brought in to coach anything other quarterbacks, the position he played or coached for 99% of his career. He would have been the “former player” Aaron Rodgers said he needed to “guide him into the next stage of his career,” as funny as that is. I’m surprised Van Pelt would even take the job. One thing is sure there won’t be any drop-off from last year in the running game. I mean, what is below nothing?

I think this move says more about the poor job Jerry Fontenot did with the Packers’ running backs last year. James Starks did not look at all like he did in 2010 and Ryan Grant didn’t start to look like Ryan Grant until the final weeks of the season. The Packers inability to run the ball effectively ended their season as they had no answer for the Giants pass rush and couldn’t control the ball enough to keep the Packers’ porous defense off the field.

Fontenot, a former offensive lineman, should be better working with the tight ends. Maybe he can teach them to block better for his former unit. Hopefully, between Fontenot and Van Pelt they can get more out of the running game next year. Put the fake back in play-action fake.

Without Van Pelt aboard the move of Ben McAdoo to QB coach made sense. He has been with Mike McCarthy forever so he knows the system and what McCarthy wants out of his quarterbacks. And with former quarterbacks coach Tom Clements still on board as the offensive coordinator, it ensures the cohesiveness that Rodgers has enjoyed since McCarthy was hired.

The Packers’ offense was awesome last year on paper but more balance is needed, hopefully these changes and maybe the return of Alex Green will help in that department.

As for free agency, it’s too bad the Packers aren’t in the market for a wide receiver, this would have certainly been the year. There is one player, however, that the Packers would be stupid not to try and get – Mario Williams.

I know Williams has an injury history, which is why he will be available, but the Packers need to take a chance if they want to get back to the Super Bowl sooner rather than later. It worked with Charles Woodson, who was a huge gamble when signed by the Packers, it can work with Williams. I compare it to when Julius Peppers was a free agent, the Packers made a mistake not going after him, I hope they don’t make that same mistake twice.

Draft and develop is a fine way to do business, but not even Ted Thompson can fix the Packers’ defense with one draft, if the Packers want to take advantage of their window with Rodgers in his prime, they will go after Williams hard.

I’m just happy to have a regular offseason again, free agency starts March 13, the draft in April, minicamps, OTA’s, before you know it is time for training camp. We’ll see how serious the Packers are about “winning now” in the next few months. The time has come, Ted. Get ‘r done!

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