Players that I like in the draft – S

By Rick

We will look at Safeties now. Last year many safeties slide down in the draft that I thought would be picked up. In fact some 4th round grade players were picked up as UDFAs. Why would this be? Well part of it is the more balance teams are using. Traditionally a SS was like a run support LB that covered (Palamalu –Steelers) and FS was an extra DB playing deep (Nick Collins-Packers). But in this pass happy league you see more balance between the two safeties so more teams can find some to plug in.

With the Packers it is more a 2 FS system with Woodson in a hybrid CB/LB role on CMIII’s side.

Well Mark Baron (Alabama) is the ONLY safety that has a possible first round grade and he had hernia surgery which will drop him to a 2nd round grade for most teams since he won’t be able to work out at the combine or his pro day.

So I see Mark Barron, Markelle Martin(OK State), and George Iloka(Boise St) as the main safeties off the board by round 3.

Two players have my interest coming into the combine and draft.

First is Wisconsin’s own FS Aaron Henry. Pegged late 3rd or 4th round I think he would be a great for any team. He plays FS well and would fit in great for the Packers in case Collins can’t make it back.

On the SS side I really like Antonio Allen from South Carolina. He is a traditional SS/OLB thumper like Troy Palamalu and is 6-1 202lbs. He shows some lateral quickness and was the only SEC player to be ranked top ten in tackles (88), interceptions (3), forced fumbles (4), and fumble recoveries (3). He likes to play football and hit someone and it shows in his play. Depending on combine he is currently a 4th/5th rounder.

Next up- ST Aces, Kickers, and Punters.

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