Players that I like in the draft – Special teams

By Rick

This is the last of the series and it is the weirdest. Kickers, Punters, and ST Aces.

I will be up front there is not really a consensus draftable kicker. The highest any of us have a guy on the big board is a late 7th rounder.

If I was to bring in a Kicker as a UDFA this is the one guy I would give a shot.

Carson Wiggs from Purdue made a 67 yarder in the spring game and was leaned on heavily to help keep Purdue in games all season. He has great numbers especially under pressure. He also was the “sky” punter with 17 of 23 downed inside the 20yrd line.
He is a player to challenge on any team that was unsure about their kicker. The fact that he can do some of the punting duties and maybe allow an extra spot by not carrying a punter makes him intriguing.

Punter is a two horse race.

Bryan Anger from California is a great Punter and all round athlete. He is 6-4 205lbs and runs 4.8 40yrd dash. I liken him to Super Bowl winning Giants punter Steve Weatherford.

Drew Butler from Georgia is the SEC top punter and avg 51.6 ypp. Not bad.

Well to repost from WR earlier I really like Joe Adams from Arkansas WR/KR/PR.
He is a low 4.3 40yrd dash guy standing 5’11”. A little light in the shorts at 178lbs but let me start by saying the only teams he lost to were LSU and Alabama last year. He is multi threat including 4 PR for TDs last season including a great one in the Cotton Bowl. He also was used in sweeps and some run plays and did very well. He will be a great 5th or 6th round pick.

Taveon Rodgers from New Mexico State is an interesting small school guy that is not a great WR but an intriguing KR. He will be a UDFA

Brandon Boykin is my Georgia ST Ace though. He is a reputable CB but a little on the short side at 5-9. He has 4.3 speed and defended well in college ( many break ups and 3 INTs) but may be just to short as a corner in the NFL.

He is THE returner though. Almost a 1000 yrds returning and two 100 yrs returns for TDs. That is on top of playing CB in the SEC pretty well. Even though he is a little short his skills and value are tough to duplicate. He may sneak into 2nd round but I don’t see him lasting past the 3rd.

I am dreaming for one minute. A couple of years ago before I was posting on this site I loved a hard running RB from down in Illinois and I kept thinking he can do it if someone gives him a chance. That guy that I got flamed on was Pierre Thomas. Well there is another guy and he also happens to play down south in Illinois. He is a CB that could play SS/FS too. Tavon Wilson was killed because of his team giving up on their coach.

My grade on talent and what he showed is a 5th rounder but he ranks in the 530-550s on most draft boards. I would love to see TT grab him late or with a comp pick in the last rounds. I think Packer Nation would be happy.

Well we are at the end of the series and hopefully there some guys you like and might watch and see where they come up on draft day. As always it has been fun.

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