2012 Packers Mock Draft

By Rick

First up Compensatory Picks, Green Bay should receive the maximum number of 4 picks. Looking at past data it looks like TT will get two(2) 4th round and two(2) 7th round picks to play with.
These picks are not tradeable and will be slotted at the end of each round.
All of the following picks are based on my big board versus the draft value of each player and BPA vs team need. They may not be my favorite pick but the actual pick is congruent with my mock draft board and what BPA is there.

Rd 1 (#28)– Devon Still 3-4 DE/4-3 DT Penn State. A solid prospect that has had to overcome injuries and learned to focus on film and technique to be effective. Now he is healthy and can play out side or even slide inside for rotation or provide help in the very common Nickel package Green Bay D Capers ran 2 years ago.

Rd 2 (#60)- Shea McClellin OLB Boise State. A top player that is not a one trick pony. He is near the top in every category but not the top in any. Can pass rush and drop into coverage and can run stop. Should be great in the 3-4 system here in Green Bay.

Rd 3 (#91)- Ryan Steed CB Furman. Quick with fluid hips. Needs a year or two mature and develop but looks great on film and in person.
The real thought I think will happen is that Green Bay will package Pick #60 and #91 to the Dolphins for two of their round 3 picks (#73 & #74). There is some serious value for the Dolphins at the end of round 2. Green Bay would love back to back picks at #73 and #74 in the 3rd and the Dolphins still would have two 3rd round picks(#80 & #91). The points add up and I think Philbin might be able to get a player like Gregg Childs WR Arkansas s for the Dolphins if they get Flynn and would be a great #1 to replace Brandon Marshall. Brock Osweiler QB Arizona State or Brandon Wheeden QB OK St would be other value players to develop as the starter or be a back up if they lose the Flynn sweepstakes.

Pick #73 – Josh Norman CB/S Coastal Carolina. Looks like a Safety but plays like a CB. He provides needed depth to replace Jarrett Bush as ST ace but actually can play CB and maybe replace Peprah as Safety depth as well. He has plenty of great tape and likes to hit. He should be a starter in a year or two.

Pick #74 – Bruce Irvin OLB West Virginia. He is a fast and quick sack machine. He is as quick as CMIII and will make opponents stay honest on offense when playing Green Bay.
Rd 4 (#123)- Antonio Allen SS South Carolina. Plays and hits like Palamalu. He was only player in the SEC to be top 10 in tackles, interceptions, fumbles, and fumbles recovered.

Rd 4 Comp Pick #1 – Josh Chapman NT Alabama. Had knee surgery in January. May not be able to play in 2012. One of the top NT (was a possible top 15 pick) in the country he played hurt with a torn ACL and still helped Alabama win a national championship. An absolute steal for depth even if he is out for this first year.

Rd 4 Comp Pick #2 – AJ Jenkins WR Illinois. He was on a bad team with a so so QB and looked bad. But in the East West Game, NFL combine, and at his pro day he has looked great now that he has had a decent QB or two to throw to him. He is running in the 4.39 to 4.41 range and looks great in running routes and catching. Great value and depth with DD nearing the end and Jennings contract entering its last year.

Rd 5 (#155)- Hebron Fangupo DT BYU. Deeply religious, he used the out clause from USC after the sanctions and also his wife had a break in while he was at school. Reported to be one of the best weight room guys ever at BYU, he is a Packer type person through and through. He is a D line run stopper that can play inside and out and should develop along the lines of Pickett over the next 2-3 years. A little reach but only by 20 spots and the drop off after here is deep.

Rd 6 (#187)- David Molk C Michigan, a 4year starter at Michigan with the largest neck I have ever seen ( 22 inches) He claims that since the first thing that hits is his face he never gets whip lash or stingers. It is true that he has a poor base but plays great against top opponents. Molk succeeded against the best of the Big 10. I have him rated and ranked with similar strengths and weaknesses to what I said about Scott Wells (Rd 7 pick) back in 2004. He will need work but is a capable back up and may just be the next starter for Green Bay.

Rd 7 (#219)- Patrick Witt QB Yale – A Yale Rhodes scholar finalist that transferred from Nebraska and started all 4 years at Yale for the first time since WWII. He has smarts and chose football over the final Rhodes interview. Allegations of abuse were fraudulent and Yale embarrassed both the university and Witt with their handling of it. He is like a Ryan Fitzpatrick with smarts and has a bigger arm. He can be brought in and challenge both Hill and Harrell for the #2 or 3 spot.

Rd 7 Comp Pick #1 – Grant Garner C/OG Ok St. Won Big 12 Offensive Lineman of the Year the last 3 years. He is a solid interior player and can challenge for C or sit and develop as a back up C and Guard. EDS better watch his spot.

Rd 7 Comp Pick #2 – Michael Smith RB/KR Utah State. He was pegged a UDFA but with his skills and running another 4.35 at his pro day, he was given extra drills by the scouts and he showed soft hands and crisp cuts in the extra drills and his film is solid for small school RB. May not be great on blitz pick up but at 5-08 208 and 4.35 he is a great change of pace guy that allows Green Bay to add RB depth with Starks already here, Grant a FA, Alex Green recovering from a horrible knee injury, and Brandon Saine barely making the roster. Smith should be a great last pick for Green Bay.

So there you go, my March 15, 2012 Packer Mock draft.

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