Thompson going crazy?

First he is signing free agents, now he’s drafting for need and trading up twice in one round. What is going on with Packers’ GM Ted Thompson? I have my suspicions but that is for another day. Today Thompson made two big moves that should improve the league’s worst defense from a year ago.

First Thompson traded up from 59 to 51 to take defensive end Jerel Worthy of Michigan State. Then he went from number 90 to 62 for cornerback Casey Hayward of Vanderbilt. It’s a good thing that the Packers’ biggest needs happend to be the same three positions Thompson was able to find the best player available.

I was hoping the Packers would get Worthy but I figured they would have to move up a lot farther than they did, not sure why he fell so far but I’m happy to get him. He will add some immediate life to the defensive line. If he can hold down the fort on his end it would leave B.J. Raji in the middle and Ryan Pickett at the other end like the Packers would prefer.

Hayward is clearly the replacement for Charles Woodson, whether that is this year or next is the only question. If Hayward proves worthy enough to start at cornerback this year the Packers would have the luxury of moving Charles Woodson to safety to help absorb the loss of Nick Collins. If Woodson is a true team player and wants to cement a hall of fame career he shouldn’t have a problem with that.

I can’t see Thompson making any moves tomorrow but the Packers do have seven picks. So far, so good.

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