No rest for the wicked

The NFL has contacted teams that the 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft is July 12th at 1pm EST. By Rick

The following players are eligible to be drafted: Boise State DB Quaylon Ewing, Baylor WR Josh Gordon, Syracuse FB/RB Adam Harris, Iowa State T Adrian Haughton, Carson-Newman LB Larry Lumpkin, Georgia DE Montez Robinson, McMurray WR Houston Tuminello and TCU RB Ed Wesley. No other players are eligible to apply for the draft.

This maybe the all bad boy draft. Almost every player has some serious baggage and issues except one.

Baylor WR Josh Gordon will draw the most interest at 6-4 225. He has Gurley size and speed but has had numerous off field issues. He just left Baylor and was transferring to Utah and was going to sit out the year before now joining the supplemental draft. If he can convince teams of his handling of his issues he may go as high as a 5th rounder. Some speculate first half of draft but I don’t see it.

Carson-Newman ILB Larry Lumpkin thought he was going to a big time school as a junior in high school at 6-0 234 but he only was offered Alabama A&M. He led the team in tackles in limited duty but soon expressed frustration and went to Carson-Newman (Both FCS schools so no sitting out) he has flunked out of Carson-Newman and now wants a shot at playing on Sunday. He is a great FCS defensive player but a little small and slow for the NFL. He just seems to think he deserves better than what he has been getting and I see a prima donna attitude. For you true Packer fans, I do not see any relation to Kregg Lumpkin former Packer and current Seahawk RB.

Boise State DB Quaylon Ewing is a bad boy. He was kicked off of the team and if not a serious confrontation with classmate FS George IIoka (5th round Bengals) in high school he might not have played his senior year in high school or signed with Boise State to begin with. He seems unstable and prone to get into trouble. He was pressed into service and was poor at best. Welcome to the arena league Quaylon.

Syracuse FB/RB Adam Harris is in the draft after being banned medically from playing for Syracuse ever after his 3rd concussion which was a horrible one. He has now cleared medically with the Steeler’s doctors and a neurologist. He is a bruiser FB at 6-2 248. He is way behind without workout, OTAs and camp rosters full. I just don’t see him drafted. Maybe a late Training Camp invite for someone as he was a big time Special Teamer for the Orangemen when he was healthy. In my opinion with the concussion debate and lawsuits I easily see Harris not going anywhere.
Iowa State Scott “Adrian” Haughton is a monster 360lbs possible NFL Guard that played LT and RT in 2008 and 2009. He was dismissed from the team in 2010 for undisclosed reasons and has decided to enter the draft. Sounds fishy that he sat out for a year.

Georgia DE Montez Robinson 6-5 254 is a thug. He has multiple battery, drinking, and drug charges and was officially kicked off the team for the 3rd time this January after his third arrest in 5 months. He was a top ranked recruit from Indiana and showed some pop when he was not off the team and on probation. I would not go anywhere the kid and I fear for public safety.

WR Houston Tuminello quit playing for McMurray in October of 2009 after only 4 games. Supposedly he may have transferred to Stephen F. Austin. At 6-0 and 190lbs and no real game tape or production, this kid is wasting his time and ours. No time or room for quitters like this in the NFL.
This is the except one.

TCU RB Ed Wesley has entered the draft because of being the only chance as a bread winner for his family and ailing mother. He might be a 6th or 7th round pick but if all else fails he definitely will be offered a UDFA contract. I had him as a late rounder for next years draft and I see no reason why any team needing some depth would not grab him. He is 5-9 200lbs and has times as low as a 4.35 (runs mid 4.4 normally) not overly elusive but quick and hits holes hard and down hill.

WR Josh Gordon and RB Ed Wesley are the only real draftable players I see. Unless there is some movement on the Ryan grant front I would not be upset for TT spend a 7th to bring Wesley in to Green Bay. No way TT should be bring in another receiver so no chance for Gordon.

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