Packers-Browns Game Blog

15 minutes until kickoff. Things I want to see:

  • The No. 1 offense march it down the field and score a TD
  • Marshall Newhouse take command of the left tackle position
  • Jerel Worthy and Nick Perry make their presence felt
  • Casey Hayward to have a good game

In addition we might be watching the Packers’ backup quarterback but he might not be wearing a Packers’ uniform. If Graham Harrell stinks up the joint you can bet the Packers will be on the horn for Colt McCoy. So there is plenty to watch tonight.

7:15 PM:  Aaron Rodgers still looked a little off missing a wide open Jordy Nelson on the Packers first play following a Cleveland fumble. Made up for it with a bullet to a well-covered Nelson for a touchdown two plays later. Great catch by Jordy.

7:38 PM:  Well, the Packers’ defense bent a little but did hold the Browns to a field goal. The offense was moving right down the field until Randall Cobb fumbled. Packers still having trouble protecting the ball. A couple of fumbles last week and one already tonight. Defense has a big challenge now with the Browns starting at the 32. Let’s see if they can get some pressure on the rookie QB.

7:45 PM:  Three and out. 7-6 score. Harrell time?

7:52 PM:  Rodgers definitely is not quite ready for the regular season. Of course, we are spoiled by last year in which he was a close to perfect as anyone as ever came. He’ll be fine with a full half next week. The offensive line looked fine and Alex Green started to show a little burst. I’m sure it’s Harrell time now.

8:07 PM:  Harrell just doesn’t look good. Maybe McCoy can just stay in Green Bay after the game. I’m kind of surprised a quarterback guru like McCarthy stuck with this guy this long. Why can’t he see what everybody else can?

8:13 PM:  I guess McCarthy has seen enough too. Two line plunges to start Harrell’s next drive. Then an interception return for a TD called back by a penalty. He’s done.

8:16 PM:  Not seeing much from Cobb this preseason either. Little bit last week but a fumble and now a dropped pass he should have been able to get in front of the defender.  Certainly haven’t seen anything to warrant taking playing time away from Donald Driver.

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