Bears’ defense exposed

The mighty Chicago Bears’ defense. Every year we hear the same thing from the media – the Bears’ defense is great, if only their offense could help them out. The facts, however show a totally different story. Only Obama gets more love from the media than the Bears’ defense. Here are the numbers, which show the Packers have had the better defense over the last six years, even with a 32nd place finish last year.

The Bears went to the Super Bowl and lost in 2006 and finished 5th in the league in defense that year. Since then they have been 28, 21, 17, 9, and 17 in defensive rankings. Over the same period the Packers have been 12, 11, 20, 2, 5, and 32. So the Bears’ average is 16th and the Packers is 13th. Why does everybody think the Bears’ defense is so great? Yes, they were great when they won their one and only Super Bowl 27 years ago, but they have been nothing special since.

The 2012 Packers, Bears and Lions basically have the same teams. All offense and no defense. What might separate the three is the Packers’ knack for forcing turnovers. I do think the Bears are the biggest threat to the Packers in the division, but certainly not because of their defense.

So the next time you hear some disillusioned Bears’ fan brag about their defense, show them the facts. They suck.

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