Packers-Bears Game Blog

7:25 PM:  Packers 31, Bears 28.

7:26 PM:  If the game ever starts. I’ll also be on Twitter @packernet.

7:36 PM:  Three and out by both offenses but we win the battle of field position. Great play  by Sam Shields knowing the punt hit him and he had to recover it. Nice sack by D.J. Smith on the Bears’ first play.

7:43 PM:  Packer offense continues to struggle. Aaron Rodgers making ridiculous mistakes, Jordy dropping passes right in his hand. That is coaching. Vince Lombardi would never allow this kind of lack of discipline.

7:49 PM:  Packers’ defense holds again. If only the Packers’ offense would come alive. For three games now we haven’t seen anything like the offense we saw last year.

7:54 PM:  After very careful consideration, the Green Bay Packers’ offense sucks. Can’t run, can’t throw, can’t do anything. And now the punter sucks too. This is going be a long game.

8:17 PM:  Defense is looking good. But after the Packers score they let Hester run it back to the 40. Come on man! If we could catch the ball this would be a rout.

8:25 PM:  Well, it could be worse. The defense keeps coming up with big plays. The Packers’ offense can’t do a thing. It’s bizzaro world.

8:55 PM:  Sorry folks, it’s easier to comment on Twitter. Follow me there – @packernet.

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