Saints to deliver the death blow

If you thought Monday was the low point of the Packers stunningly poor 2012 season, you might not want to watch the Packers game against the Saints Sunday. The 0-3 Saints are about to end the Packers season. In convincing fashion I might add.

Before you jump on me consider my reasoning. For one the Packers have not looked good offensively in any game this year, including preseason. The Saints are still putting up almost 30 points a game while the Packers average about 19. The Packers defense has only faced one good offense and the 49ers put up 30 on the them. The Saints should have that by the end of the third.

The Packers may be putting on a brave face but the┬ádevastation of having won a game not show up in the standings is something that will be in the back of their minds not only Sunday but all year. It’s human nature, and there is no way to get it out of your mind. The “if only we hadn’t gotten screwed in Seattle” is not leaving.

The emotions that will be going through their minds on Sunday will not be beneficial to winning a football game in the NFL. Trying too hard only makes it worse. The Packers aren’t going to magically become a great offense again overnight. Head coach Mike McCarthy just can’t get away from passing every play and the rest of the NFL knows it. Where is Mike Sherman when you need him?

The Saints are coming off a stunning loss at home to the Kansas City Chiefs that has them ready to play this game like it is the Super Bowl. The Packers are playing on a short week in which they were the headline news for three days following the game. Talk about a distraction. Try and tell the Saints distractions don’t mean anything.

The Packers and Saints will leave Lambeau Field with the same record and the same chance of making the playoffs. Zip, zero, zilch.

Saints 45, Packers 24.

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