Packers-Colts Game Blog

11:45  AM:  I will say Packers 30, Colts 18. Be sure to follow me on Twitter at @packernet.

12:10 PM:  Packers defense does the job but the offense still refused to run the ball. Rodgers gets the first down with a run though. Come on now. Try Benson.

12:14 PM:  OK, that didn’t work. What next?

12:20 PM:  Packers not into the game emotionally yet. Need some spark. Maybe a turnover for a change. Too bad Tramon Williams can’t cover Reggie Wayne.

12:35 PM:  Kuhn! Packers take advantage of the Colts failure to make it on fourth down and lead 7-0. Nice drive too, Benson lead the way. Made them pay when I think they should have punted and pinned the Packers back again.

1:07 PM:  Cedric Benson is out for the game and who knows how long with an ankle injury. Now the Packers have no running game. Alex Green looks awful so far in replacing Benson. Plus, the Packers still can’t cover Reggie Wayne. Simply amazing. Good thing the Packers lead by 14.

1:21 PM:  Packers lead 21-3 but Colts threatening. Without the injuries to Raji and Benson things would be looking good.

2:00 PM:  Rodgers throws a pick and the Colts are almost in the end zone because the Packers can’t cover Wayne. Can’t stop the run either. Got to stop them here.

2:03 PM:  We have a ball game ladies and gentleman. Unbelievable.

2:08 PM:  The Packers are done. Rodgers looks like crap, Finley is hurt. Mike McCarthy simply did not have his team ready to play today. The overcoming adversity thing is nice, but we are pushing it to the limit here. If the Packers lose this game they can kiss their playoff hopes good-bye.

2:24 PM:  If the Packers’ offense can’t move the ball now this game is over for sure. The Packers are on their heals right now. Time to respond!

2:33 PM:  This game is over. Packers thought they had it won and the Colts knew better. Oh well. At least we won a Super Bowl two years ago.

2:39 PM:  Packers choke big time. This game is over. Follow me on Twitter. Out!


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