Packers-Rams Game Blog

12:18 PM: Late start today. My prediction was 20-13 Packers. Rams controlling the early action with their running game and aggressive defense that forced the Packers to three-and-out their first series. Rams lead 3-0.

12:33 PM:  Wow! Rodgers hits Jordy for a long pass and then a short touchdown and the Packers pull an onside kick! Got to love McCarthy making these special teams calls. Amazing stuff. We need to make them pay now.

12:55 PM:  Defense gives up a long drive Devon House makes a big play on fourth down. If the offense can make them pay for being stupid and not taking a chip-shot field goal this game will be well in hand.

1:38 PM:  Packers probably only need a two touchdowns to win this thing. Packers may have to abandon the run. Not working at all.

2:02 PM:  Packers killed the third quarter pretty much. And added seven points to boot. Get another three-and-out by the defense and this game will start feeling more comfortable. Would like to add another TD on offense though. Not 100% sure 17 wins this.

2:25 PM:  Rams strike back after a fluke play. 20-13. Packers’ offense needs to get the job done now. Don’t leave it in the defense’s hands.

2:38 PM:  Game over! Packers are about to win their second game in a row. Went 2-1 on the three game road trip. Two home games and bye to come. Get to 6-3 and anything is possible.

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