Packers-Jags Game Blog

12:14 PM:  Crummy start for the Packers’ offense. Dropped pass by Finley and stupid play by Alex Green by not taking off and running. So far they look lifeless again. Need the defense to come up with a big play.

12:33 PM:  Jaguar field goal drive woke the Packers’ offense up. Nice 69 drive with a mix of run and pass. Even a Finley reception. Hopefully we are off and running now.

12:43 PM:  The Packers’ defense looks awful today. They certainly thought they could just show up and everything would be alright. Not the case. Jags about to take the lead.

12:44 PM:  Wow! I should have bitched earlier. Packers get their fumble recovery of the year to stop a well-oiled Jaguar offense. Hope we get a touchdown but the defense needs to step it’s game it.

12:57 PM:  Offense goes 5-and-out and the Jaguars are moving again. Packers simply can’t stop them. Amazing, the Jags are without their best player and are moving at will against what was a rejuvenated Packers’ defense. They did finally get off the field though, so maybe some progress.

1:02 PM:  Packers’ special teams continue to shine. Blocked punt for a touchdown now. Holy cow! Two years ago I would have hung Shawn Slocum myself, now he is a genius.

1:20 PM:  This is a lot of the same overtones as the Badger game did yesterday. Keep letting them hang around and they beat you in the end.

1:24 PM:  Defense is just getting shredded by the high-powered Jaguar offense. 217 already. Just a matter of time until Blaine Gabbert exploded I guess. I am getting a bad feeling about this game.

1:31 PM:  Now Rodgers fumbles on the 15-yard line. The Packers are primed to be upset. The Jaguars are nobody’s underdog. 14-12 Pack at the half.

2:01 PM:  More of the same for the Packers’ horrible offense to start the second half. At this point it will a fluke if the Packers win this game.

2:11 PM:  Mike McCarthy should be butchered for that call. Packers are doomed to lose this game. They are getting what they deserve too. Completely not ready to play today. Story of the season with the exception of Houston and St. Louis. Only reason they beat the Bears was the Bears suck. The season hangs in the balance right now and the Packers are blowing it big time.

2:25 PM:  Packers are now officially trying to lose this game. After a nice drive the Packers can’t get a first down from a second and two. Then Crosby shanks a field goal attempt. This game is over. My take coming Monday. Season is on the brink.

2:39 PM:  Double D to save the day? Touchdown gives the Packers a nine point lead. Not sure 21 is enough to win it though, a field goal at some point would be really nice.

2:54 PM:  Defense gives up a field goal. Better than a touchdown. At least this way on the last drive they need a touchdown instead of a field goal. Defense is exhausted though. Going to be tough to hang on without help from the offense.

2:59 PM:  Can you believe it? Three-and-out. Defense is exhausted and they are back on the field already. Thanks for nothing offense.

3:01 PM:  The defense can’t stop them. They have nothing left to give. A team game and the offense failed. It will take a Jacksonville mistake for the Packers to win.

3:05 PM:  We got the mistake, now can the offense get one first down please?

3:08 PM:  The Packers survive a big scare. Oh well, 5-3 and in second place in the division. Still two games back in the loss column to the Bears though.

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