Packers-Lions Game Blog

12:03 PM:  Under way in Detroit. Lions with the ball. I am fairly confident today, which is usually a bad sign. We’ll see.

12:09 PM:  Packers’ defense with a good stand to start the game but a Jordy Nelson drop killed a nice drive by the offense. Hit him right smack in the hands for what would have been a first down. Can’t afford to do that in big games. Not a good sign.

12:14 PM:  Devon House is a beast. Great play by him on the way to another three and out by the defense. Offense has good field position. Let’s get something going now.

12:20 PM:  Offense is struggling mightily. Packers fail to take advantage again. Punt ‘er away boys.

12:28 PM:  Uh-oh. A defensive meltdown has the Lions threatening. Terrible play by Tramon Williams. No clue what he was thinking on that one. This has the makings of an upset at this point. Packers need to get back to running the ball and moving the chains and keeping the Lions’ offense off the field. Good job holding them to three.

12:46 PM:  Great offensive drive that ends with a Jermichael Finley siting and a 7-3 Packers lead. Some nice third down conversions and some hard running from Starks. That is the way to do it!

12:54 PM:  Lions’ offense is coming alive, the Packers have no answer for Calvin Johnson. Horrible none-challenge by the Packers on the drive and it cost them the lead. How quickly things change and the upset minded Lions are back on top 10-7.

1:09 PM:  Packers’ offense continues to shoot itself in the foot. Lions have the ball again in great field position. Trouble brewing in Detroit.

1:13 PM:  The tide has definitely turned, the Lions are dominating on both sides of the ball.

1:18 PM:  Packers give the Lions another gift. But Casey Hayward picks off Stafford to save them. Now if the league MVP could do anything we would be fine.

1:23 PM:  Aaron Rodgers must be concussed or something. That was the worst pass in the history of the NFL. Lions have a chance to put this one away before halftime.

1:29 PM:  The first half will be remembered for the Packers failure to take advantage of opportunities. I am predicting a shank here.

1:32 PM:  If the Packers don’t have a kicker in for workouts this week they don’t care about  winning. Crosby misses two in a row. What could have been a nice ending to a terrible half end with an idiot kicker blowing it. Crosby should be replaced this week, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. There must be a Zendejas brother out there somewhere. Maybe Ryan Longwell.

1:39 PM:  Well, if the Packers can hold the Lions to 10 points in the second half I think we win. But MVP needs to step his game up. Shorty is not playing well.

1:51 PM:  Might be time for the Graham Harrell Show. This is getting ridiculous.

2:02 PM:  M.D. Jennings takes it to the house! Holy smokers! The Packers could not have needed that more. Now if Shorty can step his game up we got ourselves a ball game.

2:07 PM:  I can’t believe what I just saw! The Packers actually pooched the kickoff like they should when getting a 15-yard penalty to start. Last time they had Crosby kick in the stands. I would feel good about things except the Packers’ defense is getting so many penalties called against them they are killing themselves. Plus the Packers’ offense has been pitiful. How the hell are we leading?

2:12 PM:  Packers’ defense is getting tired. No help from the offense. Lions about to take the lead again.

2:17 PM:  Megatron scores the go ahead TD. Burnett should have intercepted it. Went right through his hands. It is the Lions’ day. They are finally part of the NFC North. Sucks. When the schedule came out you would start at 2-0 and go from there. Oh well. Things change.

2:20 PM:  And Cobb runs it out to the ten? Are you kidding me? Sure hope the 49ers take care of business tomorrow night. We just have to stay within one game of the Bears. Must win game in New York next week now.

2:26 PM:  Packers obviously have a chance to win this thing, but they need to figure out how to stop the Lions d-line, which is dominating the Packers offensive line. Rodgers is not sharp but part of that is he has no time.

2:30 PM:  McCarthy is pissed! He is going to try a 58-yard field goal but the Lions called time out. I bet he changes his mind.

2:44 PM:  Crosby should not be allowed on the plane home. Game over.

2:56 PM:  Rodgers can prove he is a late game hero. He doesn’t have many fourth quarter comebacks under his belt. Confidence is not real high.

3:00 PM:  Scored too soon.

3:07 PM:  OMG! That had disaster written all over it! Packers win and on to New York we go. Aaron Rodgers pulls it out in the fourth quarter. Shorty gets it done in a pinch. Love you bro.

3:18 PM:  This is the biggest win in Detroit since 1993 I think. When the Packers beat the Lions in the playoffs. Huge.

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