Packers-Giants Game Blog

7:31 PM:  I think we can win this game. 28-24 Pack.

7:35 PM:  Giants make it look easy on the first drive. Defense looks like it is going to struggle, hope the offense shows up. I was just telling my friends the Packers don’t usually get blown out. Could tonight be the one time they do? Sure looked a lot like the Bears a few weeks ago on that drive.

7:54 PM:  Big mistake to risk that field goal. Either go for it or punt. The game means more than getting your kicker back in the grove. McCarthy struggling again this week.

7:59 PM:  I hate to harp on it, but what the hell was McCarthy thinking? If we wanted Jim Schwartz as coach we would have hired Jim Schwartz as coach. Idiotic.

8:01 PM:  And the Packers let Eli run for 13 yards. This game is already defining itself. Giants own the line of scrimmage, Packers are being stupid. Not a good combination.

8:03 PM:  So much for Devon House. Burned badly on that touchdown. Blame that one on the head coach. Not too concerned though, Packers had to go 1-1 on this road trip and already have the one. So tonight was only gravy anyway. It all comes down to December 16 in Chicago.

8:07 PM:  Here is the Packers blowout on national TV. Oh well, like my Bears’ fan said to me at least 1000 times last week – “it’s only one game”.

8:13 PM:  Must be kind of nice to know you can kick a field goal when you need it. Makes the move by McCarthy even more glaring. Packers will need a INT return or kick return or something to stay in this game. Now Rodgers is sacked – this game is over folks. But no worries. We have the Vikings in Lambeau next week. Back to where we were two weeks ago.

8:18 PM:  Now a broken play. Packers are in total shambles right now. Punt ‘er away gentleman.

8:22 PM:  Packers are getting whipped in all phases of the game, terribly embarrassing. Hope it is a wakeup call. The rout is on. I didn’t last long tonight. Out.

8:38 PM:  Well, at least we know that Jermichael Finley still can’t catch.

8:39 PM:  The Packers have to score a TD on this drive. I consider it four down territory. You are not going to win the game without a touchdown on this drive. Period. While the chances are still slim and none, at least that is better than zero.

8:42 PM:  Game over.

8:45 PM:  Really? Give the ball to Green on third and one? No Starks? No Kuhn? Getting a feeling McCarthy’s run in Green Bay is starting to trend downward. These are some of the worst calls in coaching history.

8:53 PM:  The Packers’ offensive line is playing horribly. Unless that changes they have no chance.

8:54 PM:  See you next week. Vikings in Green Bay.