Bears’ Marshall Gets Things Started

It didn’t take long for the animosity between the Packers and Bears to come flowing out. Bears’ wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who only caught two of his 101 balls against the Packers back in September when the Packers dominated the Bears in week two got it started at his presser today.

Marshall said the Packers “disrespected him” during and after the game. Apparently Marshall is a little sensitive to trash talk unless he is the one dishing it out. I guess he also  didn’t like being double-covered while watching Jay Cutler throw four interceptions.

Of course the fact that the Packers game planned to take Marshall out of the game is a sign of respect. Any true Pro Bowl receiver appreciates the fact that they are double-covered and make plays in spite of it. They don’t go crying about it and asking opposing players not to double cover them. Want some cheese with that whine there Brandon?

Marshall said “I would love their play to back up their talk.” Uh, let’s see, Marshall caught two passes for 24 yards. How’s that for backing it up chump? Brandon might be a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

Fortunately the Packers don’t play those games, they don’t bring Christmas trees to press conferences where they rip the team they are about to play. The Packers are more mature than that, which explains a lot of why they are perennial Super Bowl contenters as opposed to teams like the Bears who rarely even make the playoffs.

The Bears will be playing for those playoff lives on Sunday and even that might not be enough to beat the Packers, who have won eight of the last 12 times they visited Chicago. The Packers can win the division even if they lose to the Bears by beating Tennessee at home and the Vikings in Minnesota.

I think the Packers get it done Sunday. Packers 28, Bears 16.

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