Delayed Packers-Bears Game Blog

2:27 PM:  If the Packers lose this game we know why. Missin’ Crosby is a joke. No worries though, the Packers should be able to beat Tennessee and Minnesota to win the division.

2:32 PM:  Well, the Packers can still win the division by winning their last two. But after that stupid play, I doubt that happens.

2:38 PM:  Huge stop by the defense, but if Slocum isn’t fired after that call he never will be. Packers need to score on the next drive or the Bears win in overtime. Just my gut feeling.

2:47 PM:  Huge mistake by the Packers with 4 minutes left. Run the ball! I think we are headed to overtime.

5:04 PM:  Packers win! What a day!

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