Packers-Titans Game Blog

12:08 PM:  Good defensive stand but the offense could only get one first down. DuJuan Harris starting at running back. Randall Cobb probably should have caught the third-down pass that ended the drive. Off we go.

12:21 PM:  Much better second drive by the offense after another three-and-out by the Titans. Ryan Grant is looking like the old Ryan Grant. Huge pickup by the Packers. Rodgers gets the TD when everybody knew he was going to run. Spread everybody out and the middle was wide open. Crosby snuck the extra point in and the Packers lead 7-0.

12:33 PM:  Packers’ offense has come alive. Short 43 yard drive for another touchdown, this time a beautiful pass to Cobb and the Packers lead 14-0. Now let’s not let them get a long run by Chris Johnson. One more TD might win this game.

12:59 PM:  Go figure, Chris Johnson goes out and his replacement finds gaping holes in the Packers’ defense. Titans showing signs of life. But throwing on fourth and inches? Packers ball.

1:08 PM:  Nice time consuming drive by the Packers after the turnover on downs ends with a Crosby doink off the upright. This time it went through. Packers lead 20-0. I have 0-0 for numbers so expect at least two more scores in the final four minutes of the half.

1:49 PM:  We have entered laugher mode. Packers have destroyed the Titans and all that is left is winning next week in Minnesota. Go Seahawks!

1:59 PM:  Oh uh. Worst nightmare. Cobb hurt. Really big to get a bye week now.

2:03 PM:  34-0! Time for the Graham Harrell project. Ryan Grant comes up big again. Great day for the Packers. Now tack on two field goals and get me out of here with another winner.

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