Packers-Vikings Game Blog

3:31 PM:  Packers a little shaky on defense on the Vikings opening drive but did hold them to three. Need to step up though. Vikings made some key first downs with passes. Can’t let that happen. Hard enough to stop A.P.

3;39 PM:  Vikings stuff the Packers and get a big punt return. It’s early but the Packers seem flat. AP next week in Green Bay?

3:47 PM:  Packers’ defense is struggling. This is not starting well. For those of you that want the Bears out, you (we) might just get it. Vikings about to go up 10.

3:50 PM: Packers off no resistance. Vikings are dominating and will be playing in Lambeau next week. We can start thinking about stopping AP next week. Yikes!

3:54 PM:  Packers’ offense doesn’t look like they want to be out there. Defense is tired already. Going to be 17-0 here in a minute. I thought we would try harder today but it looks like McCarthy’s message wasn’t received.

4:02 PM:  Feel bad for the Bears. They are going home with this horrific performance by the Packers. Packers will likely be going home after next week. I don’t know who this team is. All momentum they built up is gone in one quarter of play. That damn law of averages!

4:07 PM:  DuJuan Harris adding a little spark after a nice kickoff return. We have to get seven but now Rodgers is sacked for a loss of 15. Oh well, so much for that. Punt ‘er away gentlemen.

4:14 PM:  Great play by Jared Allen ends the Packers’ drive. We need a turnover now. If it gets out of hand the Packers need to get Rodgers out of there and start looking to next week in Lambeau. No sense taking any chances today. Not for a bye.

4:18 PM:  Another great return Jeremy Ross. Packers have a chance to get that seven we so need to start this comeback. Harris with another hard run. But Rodgers has to catch fire if we are going to win this thing.

4:35 PM:  Gotta take the good with the bad and that was good. Great touchdown drive but gave up a long kickoff return and a lucky play. Vikings are on the move again. Packers screwed by the refs again too. Wow!

4:44 PM:  The rout is on! Vikings lead 20-3 because the Packers’ defense is playing horribly. Will be a different story next week in Lambeau. The best thing is the Bears are out.

5:08 PM:  Great drive by the Packers to open the second half! Holy cow! Bears’ fans rejoice. 20-17 Vikings. If the defense steps up I feel pretty good. The offense is coming alive a little.

5:21 PM:  The Packers gave it a good run but it’s not looking good after a Rodgers fumble. What was he thinking? Take your medicine. A punt would have been much better. Feel better about our chances next week though.

5:24 PM:  Packers have a bad game plan today. Yes you have to stop Peterson, but not at the expense of leaving every receiver wide open. Can’t see anyway the Packers pull this out, but if they do they might win the Super Bowl.

5:33 PM:  It’s officially over now. Going to be a very interesting week. I thought we had a chance there but the Packers’ defense is not playing well at all. Will be different next week.

5:39 PM:  27-17 Vikings. Clean out your lockers Bears. I’m out.

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