Packers-Vikings Game Blog

7:05 PM:  Game time. Quarterback change doesn’t change my gut feeling, might only make it worse.

7:09 PM:  First mistake made by the Packers was not taking the ball. McCarthy is an idiot. At home, the playoffs, and you kick it away?

7:12 PM:  McCarthy is a complete idiot. Packers are going to get pummeled tonight. All because McCarthy let the Vikings get the ball to start the game.

7:14 PM:  Packers’ defense is completely shell-shocked. I repeat, McCarthy is an idiot and should be relieved of his duties immediately following this loss.

7:23 PM:  Offense three and out. What a joke. Vikings know how to get fired up, Packers do not. Vikings dominating a lifeless Packers’ game.

7:34 PM:  Packers finally get a couple of first downs. Changing field position anyway. Would be nice to tie this thing up though.

7:39 PM:  Close call. Not sure I would challenge. Just ram it in and save your challenge.

7:42 PM:  Finally got the lead on these guys! Game might not be over. Still, I am not real confident yet. We did stop the Vikings the last time they had the ball. Maybe the pressure will get to Webb at some point.

7:53 PM:  Vikes might be missing Ponder now. Momentum is changing a little. Nice drive here would be serious pressure on Minnesota.

7:58 PM:  Curious play calling on that offensive drive. And Rodgers needs to let himself go. Throw the ball!

8:01 PM:  Packers’ defense forces a three-and-out. Long time since we’ve seen that. Getting a little more confident but Packers still making it harder than it has to be.

8:07 PM:  Terrible call by McCarthy but it worked. But Packers curious play calling continues. Settle for three.

8:13 PM:  Packers kick coverage has been horrible. Just noting.

8:16 PM:  Packers wasted 25 seconds there. Stupid. Score before the half though and the Vikings might be reeling.

8:24 PM:  Packers get the touchdown. 17-3. We might have a chance in this game.

8:49 PM:  If the Packers get seven here I will give McCarthy a break. With the way the Packers are moving the ball the Packers could have been up 7-0 right off the bat.

8:54 PM:  Wow! This game has changed so much. Never thought we could dominate like this. Not over yet, but I could not have been more wrong. My gut feeling has been wrong two weeks in a row. Thought we would roll last week, not this week. Defense still has to step up here.

9:07 PM:  I can’t believe this! The Packers caught a huge break, obviously, by the Vikings not having Ponder at quarterback. A free gift.

9:19 PM:  OK, I think we got this one. No dagger yet.

9:28 PM:  OK. I am the idiot. Glad to be it. 11 minutes left. We win.

9:45 PM:  Not over yet. Why is McCarthy risking Rodgers like that? He is still an idiot.

9:51 PM:  Late TD means nothing, Packers are good enough to kill the time left.

9:53 PM:  This is a huge win for the Packers. I like our chances in San Francisco.

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