Confidence is high

I know I am the worst game day blogger in the history of the world. Last week was a perfect example. I have a major problem with getting so negative the first time a play goes against the Packers. As Mix would say – “too much emotion, rub that sissy boy down with lotion”.

So you might be shocked by my gut feeling this week. I think the Packers win this game. It will be a battle, but I think Mason Crosby wins it with a field goal in overtime.

The Packers are peaking, the 49ers are reeling. The 49ers did beat the Patriots in New England, but their defense was shredded in the process. Following that game they were shredded by Seattle. And in the final game of the season they had to come back to beat Arizona.

You bet, I may be reaching, but when you have the best player in the league under center, you always have a chance. I agree with head coach Mike McCarthy when he says we aren’t anybody’s underdog. If Rodgers loses to Colin Kaepernick tomorrow it will be very disappointing.

Please forgive me for the negative thoughts that always permeate my game day blogs, I can’t help myself. I promise to be more patient tomorrow.

Packers win 23-20 on a Mason Crosby field goal in overtime.

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