Packers-49ers Game Blog

6:58 PM:  What time is it? Game time!

7:29 PM:  Welcome to the playoffs Colin Kaepernick! Sam Shields for the pick six! That certainly qualifies as a fast start. Stop them again and let Rodgers get to work.

7:36 PM:  49ers on the move now. Broken play on third down the big play. Have to hold them to three.

7:40 PM:  Kaepernick makes up for it with a 30-yard TD run. Packers still haven’t had the ball.

7:45 PM:  Typical Packers’ offense. The next first down they get on their opening drive might be the first. Defense is tired already.

7:50 PM:  Packers got the gift early but have not been able to stop anything else the 49ers have run. Adjustments need to be made.

8:02 PM:  Holy cow! James fricking Jones! Then Harris finishes the deal after getting screwed by the refs. Packers lead 14-7. I am impressed.

8:12 PM:  Love it! Packers’ defense gets off the field. But Ross muffs the punt and the 49ers have it first and goal. What a huge mistake by the Packers. Why wasn’t Cobb out there. A gift touchdown for the 49ers.

8:24 PM:  Rodgers is not having a good game. Packers’ offense can’t move the ball. They are letting us hang around though. Need a big defensive play now.

8:33 PM:  Packers are reeling. 49ers dominating just like they did in Lambeau. Still, the Packers are only down by a touchdown. Not over yet.

8:41 PM:  Packers answer in a hurry! Left too much time on the clock though.

8:57 PM:  Packers will have to make some serious adjustments at halftime. If we hold them to three here I like our chances.

9:01 PM:  Well, I didn’t think there would be this much scoring. I’ll take down by three I guess.

9:12 PM:  38-31 Pack. Adjusted prediction.

9:32 PM:  Nice 74-yard drive by the Packers ties the game. We are not done yet.

9:37 PM:  Packers’ defense has no answer for Kaepernick. Not able to give Rodgers enough chances. Getting beat by a better team.

10:11 PM:  Packers are a very bad football team. No more entries from me until July.