NFL betting tips

There are still some months to go before the NFL season rolls around again, but with the draft set to take place in the final days of April, pre-season betting odds for the AFC, NFC and Super Bowl are already available – and fans are looking to make future bets. While betting on the NFL – or any other sport for that matter – is always risky, doing so this far ahead of the season starting is particularly so. It is worth considering waiting, if not until the season develops, then at least until after the draft – as this gives you an opportunity to see what final moves the teams make to strengthen their sides before the season.

Another tip worth considering is to avoid the outright pre-season favourites, when picking sides to bet on for the AFC, NFC and Super Bowl, as these often do not produce the expected form once the action gets underway. The hot favourites for the upcoming NFL season are the New England Patriots, who have odds of 3/1 for the AFC and 6/1 for the Super Bowl. This will make them an attractive bet for both of these for many, but the Broncos were given similar odds last season, only to fail to make the post-season. This is not to say that the Patriots will experience the same failure, just a warning that pre-season odds often do not count for much once the action is underway.

The smartest NFL bets are usually made once the season has actually started, with cool heads opting to play NFL themed games like $5 Million Touchdown at an online casino such as Gaming Club,, while they watch to see how the sides are performing. $5 Million Touchdown derives its name both from the spectacular maximum jackpot you can win and from the bonus game, where you have to pass a football from player to player in an attempt to score a touchdown. This is one of the best bonus games available for a sports slot, and when you throw in really cheap play (with coins as small as $0.01) and fine graphics of players, cheerleaders and footballs on the reels, it is one of the best slots of its type on the market.


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