What is “doing what’s best for the long run”

The Green Bay Packers and general manager Ted Thompson are always stressing the importance of “doing what’s best for the long run”. What exactly does that mean? It kind of contradicts the “we’re only here to win Super Bowls” edict we always here. The question is do you just want to be good every year or do you want to make an all-in run at the Super Bowl?

The method the Packers are using has won them two Super Bowls in the last 21 years, since Ron Wolf took over as general manager. Funny thing about that is both of them were keyed by free agent signings. In 1996 the Packers won largely because of free agent signee Reggie White, and in 2010 they did so largely because of free agent signee Charles Woodson.

Don’t get me wrong, I may rant some (a.k.a., all) of the time but I do like the Packers being good every year, but a dynasty they will never be because they are not trying to be. I guess I just have to get that through my thick skull. But they should really quit trying to sell it. At least until until they win another Super Bowl.

I am just worried about the fact that Thompson has not had a solid draft since Raji-Mathews and the Packers have had two very ugly playoff exits the last two years. I think everything hangs in the balance this year. If Thompson fails again to find a playmaker that can take them to the next level then he certainly deserves any job security questions that come with those results.

I will refrain from bitching too bad until the end of the year. This is the path they choose. I do think anything less than the NFC Championship game will be a disappointment. Winning a Super Bowl every 14 years is nice, but winning two with the same team proves greatness. The Packers haven’t done that since 1968.

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