Do the Packers need to hit bottom before returning to glory?

The Green Bay Packers will enter the 2013 season ranked behind teams like the San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks and the Atlanta Falcons. It was just three years ago the Packers were basking in the glory of the Lombardi Trophy, now they are struggling to stay afloat in the new rough and tough NFC.

The Packers have drafted in late 20’s the last four years and it appears to have caught up with them. They have not been able to get that game changing player each year to keep them contending for a Super Bowl, especially on the defensive side.

Does this mean the Packers need to hit rock bottom like they did in 2008 when they parlayed their high draft position into B.J. Raji and Clay Matthews? The case can be made. Look at the Indianapolis Colts who went 2-14 two years ago without Peyton Manning and returned to the playoffs last year after drafting Andrew Luck. Not saying the Packers are going to go 2-14 but judging by their schedule and the rest of the NFC, 6-10 like 2008 is certainly possible.

The NFL and all sports, for that matter, have it right, but it sure is hard to keep winning when the draft is your only way of replenishment. Ted Thompson is again facing the daunting task of finding an impact player that can get the Packers back among the elite. It’s the reason why the tenure of coaches and general managers isn’t all that long very often. The job gets twice as hard once you achieve success.

If Thompson can pull off another 2009 bounty, he will be right up there with the Bill Belichicks of the NFL who seem to keep winning no matter who they lose each year. I have a hunch old Ted might wheel and deal a little this year, and try to take advantage of Aaron Rodgers’ prime.

I have my fingers crossed anyway.




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