What got into Greg Jennings?

It sure has been an odd few weeks leading up to training camp. Especially in Minnesota where wide receiver Greg Jennings has been telling anybody who will listen how happy he is to be out of Green Bay. Apparently the Packers nominal attempt to re-sign him didn’t go over very well, so Jennings is taking to airwaves to justify his decision to join pretty much the only team that wanted him.

In Green Bay Jennings was a guy who complained about not getting the ball enough but since he put on the purple Vikings’ jersey he says he is all about the team. We’ll see how long that lasts when Christian Ponders starts throwing wounded ducks at him when not handing off to Adrian Peterson. Jennings’ attempt to discredit Aaron Rodgers is absolutely laughable. Without Rodgers Jennings would never have gotten what he got from the Vikings.

Jennings is mad that Rodgers didn’t publicly campaign for the Packers to re-sign him after last season. Rodgers is not afraid to make his case in public so the fact that he didn’t push for Jennings’ return tells me he didn’t really want him to come back. The way Jennings sister trashed Rodgers last year on Twitter says a lot about the Jennings family if you ask me.

Rodgers doesn’t get sucked into that type of childish behavior saying he doesn’t worry about what people outside the building say. Rodgers has the support of his coach and his receivers and even Jermichael Finley has come around with his support after a rough first half of last year.

If everybody stays healthy this year Rodgers could easily approach his numbers of two years ago when he threw 45 touchdown passes. Jennings will be lucky to get 45 receptions in Minnehaha.

Hopefully Jennings is able stay healthy until October 27 when the two teams meet for the first time this year. A couple of defensive players have already said they look forward to hitting him full go instead of having to lay up in practice.

If anything, Jennings running of the mouth will make it harder for the Vikings to catch the Packers in the NFC, which really makes you wonder if he really is all about the team, the team, the team.

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