2013 Packer Game “Blackouts” in the Twin Cities Metro / Western Wisconsin Regions

As I’ve said in previous seasons, while technically the games are not being “blacked out”, not being able to watch the Packer games in my region feels that way to me, so I apologize if you don’t like my terminology.  To see the rules on which games are shown, check out the506.com/nflmaps.  Special thanks to James H. again for providing me with that link and most of the below information.

The below is a listing of all Green Bay Packers games that will not be shown in the Twin Cities metro / Western Wisconsin regions in 2013 per NFL TV rules:

Week 2: Packers vs. Washington, Noon on Fox but Vikings @ Chicago also Noon on Fox.

Week 3: Packers @ Cincinnati Noon on Fox, Vikings vs. Cleveland Noon on CBS but against NFL Rules to air another game in same window as Vikings home game.

Week 6: Packers @ Baltimore Noon on Fox but Vikings vs. Carolina also Noon on Fox.

Week 17: Packers @ Bears, Noon on Fox but Vikings vs. Lions also Noon on Fox.

Keep in mind for Week 17, all Eastern & Central Time Zone games get scheduled early & Sunday Night Football game is TBD. Changes are made after Week 16 & both Networks have the Doubleheader in Week 17.

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