First Game Blog – Seahawks at Packers

7:14 PM:  Game blogs are back, and so is the Packers’ sieve-like pass defense. Thanks to Clay Matthews though they held them to three.

7:28 PM:  Packers answer with a rare Crosby field goal. Offense looked good once again but definitely more passing on that drive than the first two preseason games. I think they only ran the ball twice. 3-3.

7:47 PM:  Why is Rodgers not in the game? This is about to get real ugly. Graham Harrell is just pathetic. Why not give Vince Young a chance with the starters? WTF!

7:59 PM:  Well, Harrell got a first down. Now we go!

8:01 PM:  So much for Boykin. Can’t trust him anymore. Packers are in dire need of receiver depth.

8:07 PM:  Packers’ defense is actually playing pretty good now after that lengthy first drive by the Seahawks. Nick Perry making his presence felt and the Packers have the ball back. I like it.

8:13 PM:  Graham Harrell simply can’t complete a pass more than 8 yards down the field. Why do they keep running him out there? Vince Young could go 0-10 tonight and I would still give him the job.

8:31 PM:  Means might want to find out what time check-out time is at his motel.

8:47 PM:  Harrell starts the second half. Really? We’ve had three years to look at Harrell and he sucks. Why not let Young have a chance? Or B.J. Coleman? These are the little things that I think are leading to a long season for head coach Mike McCarthy. I don’t think you have to be a brain surgeon to see that Graham Harrell is a terrible quarterback. Harrell and Tim Tebow might be the worst quarterbacks to ever don a NFL uniform.

9:00 PM: So much for the Packers’ defense. Just gave up a 43-yard run by some no-name. That is the ball game because the Packers’ offense this preseason has been horrible. Rodgers has moved the team but couldn’t score a touchdown in three games. After that it is 1975 all over. Wow.

9:12 PM:  If Vince Young is not the backup to Aaron Rodgers then something is seriously wrong with our head coach. This drive is enough to show that Young has more talent in his little pinky than Harrell has in his entire body.

9:16 PM:  Nice TD pass from Young. Harrell should be cut Tuesday and next week should be the Vince Young and B.J. Coleman show.

9:18: PM:  One thing is sure tonight, the Packers do not have a NFL caliber placekicker on the roster. Maybe Tim Masthay should give it a shot. Couldn’t do any worse.

9:58 PM:  Well, now that B.J. Coleman was able to move the ball right down the field with the scrubs it can’t be any clearer. Young is the backup and Coleman is on the practice squad. Speaking of the scrubs, the Packers and Seahawks scrubs are looking really bad here in the last few minutes. Preseason football at its worst/best.

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