GB-KC Game Blog – Life without Rodgers

7:54 PM:  Well, if anybody thought the Packers could get by a few games without Aaron Rodgers they might be sorely mistaken. Uh, just kidding. This is the new NFL with a player work-friendly training camp, so preseason games are no longer for starters. And it definitely shows tonight in an incredibly sloppy game that cost many attendees full price.

8:29 PM:  The No Fun League for wimps continues as Johnny Jolly is flagged for touching a guy down. This is why the NFL is almost becoming unwatchable. How sad. Glad I lived through it’s heyday, because this my friends, is a league of wimps.

9:03 PM:  This is two hours I’ll never get back. You almost have to be a scout to be able to watch this crap for the entire game. And you have to have serious questions about a coach who wears a jacket in 95 degree weather.

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