Packers-49ers Game Blog

3:28 PM:  Could not have been a worse start for the Packers offense. At least a good punt by Tim Masthay.

3:37 PM:  Nice defensive stand by the Packers. Now a nice pass to Cobb. Still can’t run the ball though.

3:39 PM:  Packers’ offensive line is not looking too good so far.

3:44 PM:  49ers finding the weak spots in the Packers’ defense. Marching right down the field. So far pretty much as I expected.

3:50 PM:  49ers are dominating on offense. The Packers spent the whole offseason preparing but look lost already. If Rodgers doesn’t get the Packers’ offense going this is going to be a rout.

3:58 PM:  Touchdown Packers! What a great drive by the Packers. Looks a lot like last year though, pass to win.

4:19 PM:  The Packers are a joke. Clay Matthews should be kicked out of the game.

4:22 PM:  Big mistake Clay cost the Packers at least 4 points there. Packers’ defense is playing like crap and if the offense doesn’t score every drive this game is over. Pretty much what I expected so no need to get upset.

4:25 PM:  The Packers haven’t looked this bad since the early 70s. They look terribly poorly coached. No poise at all.

4:27 PM:  The rout is on. The Packers’ offense is pathetic. How head coach Mike McCarthy could think this team is great is beyond me. I just hope we can get to my 7-9 mark.

4:40 PM: This game is over. I’ll try to hang in as long as I can. Not that that means anything. Just thought we would have been better prepared for this game.

5:10 PM:  I still can’t believe the Packers are tied at halftime. To find out the refs fucked up again, it’s stunning. The Packers are definitely targeted. But that is what you have to do on the road, overcome that shit.

5:34 PM:  Packers are clearly outclassed today. Three and out to start the second half is a joke. Lacy is a joke.

5:40 PM:  Here we go! I just have a good feeling right now. We are going to tie this baby up!

5:50 PM:  How about that! Tied at 21. Why can’t the defense step up?

5:52 PM:  Hyde gets burned. Damn!

5:54 PM:  Just can’t seem to make the play.

6:01 PM:  Well, that was a nice stop. Held them to three. Now if we can just take the lead.

6:04 PM:  Three and out by the Packer’s offense. Now we are in trouble. The Packers’ defense just can’t make a play so this could ugly.

6:14 PM:  Feeling pretty good about today’s game. Showing we compete with the best.

6:23 PM:  What a drive! Still not sure we win it but it sure is nice to have a lead. Might not last long though. Shoot!

6:28 PM:  Packers’ defense let them run it right down their throat. 5:47 left for Rodgers to win it. Confidence is high. Or at least it was until Ross returned that. Wow. Good game though.

6:32 PM:  Game over. Packers played well against the defending NFC champs. Hopefully we can get back to even next week in Lambeau against the Redskins. Out.

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