Green Bay Packers TV Blackouts in Chicago 2013

I have gotten requests to write up a “blackout” report for the Chicago area, as I have done for the Twin Cities region. So, here are the Packers TV blackouts in Chicago for 2013.

Technically the games are not “blacked out”, as obviously Chicago is the primary market for the Bears, not the Packers. I apologize if you don’t like my terminology, but any Packers fan that lives in a secondary market will feel as if a game is “blacked out”, even if technically it is not.

Per NFL rules, no game can be aired at the same time the home market team is playing at home, even if on another network.

The below is a listing of all Green Bay Packers games that will not be shown in the Chicago regions in 2013 per NFL TV rules:

Week 2: Packers vs. Washington, Noon on Fox, Vikings @ Bears also Noon on Fox.

Week 5: Lions @ Packers, Noon on Fox, Saints @ Bears also Noon on Fox.

Week 10: Eagles @ Packers, Noon on Fox, Lions @ Bears also Noon on Fox.

Week 12: Vikings @ Packers, Noon on Fox, Bears @ Rams also Noon on Fox.

Go Pack!

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