Packers will be put to the test in Cincy

One thing about the NFL that makes it so interesting is that you can’t predict what a team will be like from season to season. It takes what I think is four weeks into the year for a person to make a reasonable assessment of a team. I think that is clearly evident in the Packers’ first two games.

The 49ers looked like the NFC Champs they are in beating the Packers on opening week but looked like a team with a gimmick offense in a week two blowout loss at Seattle. The Redskins and RGIII were supposed to be the next best thing, but they look horrible after two blowout losses. So where do the Packers and Bengals stand?

The Packers played well in some aspects in losing at San Fran, and then dominated the Redskins. The Bengals lost at Chicago and then beat the Steelers on Monday Night Football this week. I think the wins by the Packers and Bengals are both tainted by coming against bad teams. That doesn’t mean either are bad teams, in fact, I think they both are good teams. It just means we don’t know what we have yet.

I do know that the Bengals have a solid defense and the Packers have a solid offense. The Bengals have a pretty good offense but I’m not sure what the Packers have on defense yet. I  also know that Green Bay Packers’ tickets will be in high demand in Cincinnati considering how few the opportunities are for Ohio Packers’ fans to see their team live. That should help even out the crowd.

That said, I have to go with my gut and say Bengals win 28-20. I don’t think the Packers will be able to establish the running game and Aaron Rodgers will be under pressure all day. Hope I’m wrong.

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