Packers-Lions Game Blog

12:07 PM:  Lions on the move to start the game without Calvin Johnson. Packers probably thought they had it won when he was announced inactive. Lions are already in scoring position. 12:12 PM:  Thanks to a sack the Packers defense got out of it. I think pressuring Stafford is the key to the game. 12:17 PM:  No wonder Rodgers hates McCarthy. Why are you running a slot receiver screen when you have Eddie Lacy? Worst call of the year next to the Cincinnati line plunge. 12:36 PM:  Packers have a 14-play drive but only got three. Defense held though and we got it back. Quick first quarter. 12:49 PM:  Ryan Taylor drops a touchdown pass and the Packers have to settle for another field goal. Now one touchdown and the Lions are ahead. Getting nervous.

1:22 PM:  Terrible first half for the Packers ends with a 53-yard field goal by the Lions to cut the lead to 6-3. Packers are definitely not playoff material playing like this. I’m afraid they are going to be another one of the 2012 playoff teams that don’t return this year. Very disappointing performance so far.

1:42 PM:  The Packers’ offense continues to look pathetic. The Packers’ offensive line is a sieve when it comes to pass blocking. Before the game I was thinking about changing my season prediction to make this game a loss and the Pittsburgh game a win. Starting to look like that would have been a wise choice. Defense is playing well but the offense flat out sucks.

1:45 PM:  The Lions’ offense looks better without its best player than the Packers do with all their weapons. The Packers’ defense is not good enough to win a close game like this.

1:59 PM:  The Packers’ offense again has to settle for three because Mike McCarthy has obviously gone brain dead. The Lions can’t stop the run but on third and an inch we pass. The Packers might win this game but they deserve to lose.

2:08 PM:  I have never seen the Packers’ offense look this bad. Rodgers is off again. I don’t get it.

2:10 PM:  Wow! Did we finally come alive? 83-yard touchdown pass to James Jones! We sure needed that.

2:17 PM:  I knew the Packers’ defense couldn’t do it. Offense finally comes alive and the defense gives it right back. This is why the Packers are my projected 7-9 team.

2:36 PM:  The Packers have a good chance to win this game but their defense is getting gashed right now. I don’t get it. I know they are banged up but next man up be next man up!

2:39 PM:  Defense got it done. I am impressed. Now lets run the damn clock out and get out of here.

2:59 PM:  Huge win by the Packers today. I love it! Won a game when not playing our best. I’ll take it.

3:12 PM:  Lions in victory formation down 13. That is funny!

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