Packers-Vikings Game Blog

7:33 PM:  If Shawn Slocum isn’t fired this week something is wrong. He must have something on McCarthy that keeps him employed. Ridiculous.

7:43 PM:  Packers didn’t waste much time in answering. A 90-yard drive after another special teams miscue and they are tied 7-7. Hate to nitpick but damn, down the f-ing ball!

8:05 PM:  The Packers have been doing the right thing so far in controlling the clock and keeping Adrian Peterson off the field. 6-7 on third downs, but only have the one touchdown. Would be nice to get some points on these drives but still looking OK.

8:10 PM:  Shoot, had to settle for three. Still, nice to have the lead this quick.

8:17 PM:  Peterson is getting in a groove. Packers need to stop this ASAP.

8:19 PM:  I hope Datone Jones never sees the field again today. He probably just cost the Packers a touchdown.

8:26 PM:  Jones’ mistake only cost three points, but still. How stupid. Packers’ offense needs to make a statement here with 5:09 left in the half.

8:31 PM:  Oh my God! How does Rodgers do it? Statement made! Can the defense answer?

8:43 PM:  I can’t believe Slocum hasn’t signed an extension. Micah Hyde 93 yards? Really? With his speed I could have ran him down from Green Bay. Wow!

8:48 PM:  Big mistake by the Tramon Williams on Greg Jennings, might have been a bad call but will for sure get a field goal out of it.

8:49 PM:  Touchdown Vikings. Terrible defense by the Packers. So much for all that good work they did the first six games.

8:51 PM:  Slocum.

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