Packers-Eagles Game Blog

12:08 PM:  Had a good feeling going into the game today. I am expecting the defense to step it up a notch. They did on the opening drive. They got off the field.

12:24 PM:  McCarthy must be desperate for points because that was a bad decision. In to the wind from 53 yards. Big mistake and not Seneca Wallace’s fault. Two plays later the Eagles’ lead 7-0. Packers’ defense is a laughing stock.

12:29 PM:  Scott Tolzien now at quarterback for the Packers. Are you kidding me?

12:34 PM:  Packers’ defense is getting shredded. Missed tackles galore. What the heck happened?

12:59 PM:  Tolzien not looking too bad, didn’t have a first team rep all week. Packers on the move.

1:01 PM:  Mike McCarthy should be fired for making that call for a pass after Lacy is ripping the Eagles left and right. No excuse and the Packers deserve to lose.

1:10 PM:  I have to give a little credit to our defense, it is only 7-0 with 4:36 left in the first half. Keep it up and maybe Tolzien can pull a Favre and win this thing. He’s not looking that bad, could use a little help from his coach.

1:15 PM:  Well, I guess Mason Crosby is back to being Missing Crosby. We could have been within a point without a poor play call and a bad kicker.

1:35 PM:  I guess it could be worse, we came a foot away from getting a touchdown there at the end. We might not be done yet.

2:05 PM:  It’s alright. Packers aren’t going anywhere without Rodgers. What was a great season is completely over now. Who would have thought this? The defense still sucks and the Packers are down to there there practice squad quarterback. Way more worried about the defense.

2:25 PM:  We could be in this game if our defense was any good. Laughing stock of the league.

3:07 PM:  The Packers had their chances, but pathetic defensive play and a third-string quarterback doomed them. I am much more concerned about the defense than anything. Tolzien looked way better than Wallace did with no reps in practice. It will be interesting to see how the team reacts knowing they have no chance of making the playoffs.

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