Packers-Giants Game Blog

3:15 PM:  Picking with my heart. 27-23 Packers.

3:29 PM:  Defense picking up right where they left off last week. Frustrating.

3:32 PM:  Defense got off the field. Props to them.

3:34 PM:  Packers are not ready to play today obviously. 12 guy penalties on both sides of the ball already. Wow.

3:35 PM:  Terrible first drive by the Packers’ offense and three penalties against them already. And now a huge punt return. I think the rout might be on.

3:41 PM:  Defense and special teams for the Packers are not good. Both coordinators should have been gone long ago.

3:42 PM:  And now the Packers’ defense lets a guy run wide open down the middle of the field for a touchdown. I hate to say it, but there is your dagger!

3:49 PM:  Apparently McCarthy was not telling us the truth when he said he would “run our offense”. One pass play so far is not running our offense. McCarthy is failing the quarterback guru test big time. Failed on Harrell and Coleman and now it looks the same with Wallace and Tolzien. Packers are in big trouble.

3:54 PM:  No pass rush and guys running wide open. Makes you wonder what they practice during the week. Certainly not rushing the quarterback or covering receivers.

3:56 PM:  The defense is looking worse and worse by the play. A sad end to what was once a promising Packers’ season.

4:11 PM:  McCarthy lets Tolzien throw it a little and we got a field goal out of it. All we can do is make it a shootout. Let the kid let it rip.

4:42 PM:  Well it certainly could have been worse. Crosby hitting a 57-yarder has bring confidence. Still, I just don’t feel good. The defense can’t get them off the field to give our offense chances.

4:56 PM:  McCarthy put the cuffs on Tolzien but got away with it with a great catch by Nelson. Let the kid throw!

5:00 PM:  Tolzien throws a pick and the defense steps up and bails him out. Not in Green Bay. One play and the Giants are inside the 15 because three Packers defenders let a guy catch a ball in front of them. It’s poor coaching plain and simple. Zero and three without Rodgers and playoffs are out the window.

5:06 PM:  Talk about poor coaching! Why are the Packers returning kicks from deep in the endzone. Shawn Slocum is the worst special teams coach in the history of the NFL. Apparently he has something on McCarthy because his is unfireable. Packers deserve to lose this game because they are just plain stupid.

5:12 PM:  Didn’t work, but at least they tried something. Packers playing for pride now and I’ll be on their side. See you tomorrow. Go Pack!

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